Kickass Proxy Sites to Unblock Torrent Site (2020)

Kickass Proxy, a website that provides users with an online directory. Here are online directories of magnetic links and torrent files. The files come in the Downloads and Peer-to-Peer file sharing section via the BitTorrent protocol.

Kickass Torrent originated in 2006 and gained popularity in late 2018, but the United States took over the domain in 2016 and shut down its staff server.

Kickass Proxy is known as a site that can give people access to Kickass torrent sites. There are many countries that block these sites but you can use this file using proxies.

Proxies play an important role in changing the location of your browser and your location.

So, you can use it without any hassle.

Thus, using a KT proxy is not safe.

Why are the Kickass Torrent Sites Blocked?


The main reason behind blocking the torrent site is some of the content that copyright users download. KAT access may be blocked by the government depending on the location you are in. This may be due to copyright laws enforcing the ISP.

Most Internet Service Protocol(ISP) may block access to this site. Because they know that you will try bandwidth that is enough to download your content.

One of the biggest frustrations is that it sometimes becomes accessible or invisible.

But, Don’t worry guys.

I am here

Because, there are many ways to download the torrent file of your choice. One of them can use a VPN. VPN plays a huge role in changing your current location and helps you access limited sites in your country.

Try to duplicate in places that allow access to the site. Tor could be another way of surfing through this website.

KickAss Proxy Sites List

All of the sites listed below were working then

Site List Position Active Active Active Active Active Active Active Active Active

You can copy these URLs to access this KickAss proxy site.
These sites host all torrent files and magnetic links from the original Kikas torrent sites, including movies, TV shows, series, videos, games, anime, and apps.

It is essential that you install a VPN that will enable you to maintain your privacy.

No one can see or monitor you while you are using or surfing Kickass torrent sites.

Why You Use a Kickass Proxy Site?

It’s important to remember that all you need to do is go to proxy sites, instead of never being able to block a Kickass.

Going through proxy sites will provide you with torrent files. You only need to try these Kickass proxy sites to download torrent files movie.

This use of Kickass proxy sites will provide you with a lot of magnetic links as well as help in torrent sites where you can download your favorite content without any hassle.

Top 5 Kickass Torrents Alternatives (Working)

There is no doubt that Kickass Torrent has made BitTorrent a popular name in the ecosystem.

Although most of it contains pirated content.

However, fans of dirty sites can now only rely on these Kickass proxy sites. Until they want to jump on the ship.

  1. YTS

The makers of YTS Torrent and YTS are the same. The main reason for this site is to download HD movies. Kickass Mirrors has been running a lot of sites and had a lot of traffic since YTS torrents closed.

So these were the top Kickass alternative sites.

  1. The Pirate Bay

It can be known as digital content that contains software and media. You can easily download as well as contribute torrent files with the help of this site.

Basically, It is a torrent file and magnetic links for sharing or dividing peer-to-peer (P2P) files using the BitTorrent protocol. This site is recommended as a top torrent site.

  1. RARBG

It is a torrent site that uses the BitTorrent protocol to share peer-to-peer (P2P) files, providing magnetic links and torrent files. It is recognized as one of the best torrent sites for downloading useful files.

According to research, Maybe 16 countries block it.


It could be a good KickaSs torrent proxy site.

  1. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is not the best compared to Kikas. However, if you compare the availability and variety of torrent files, Isohant is a bit far from Kickass.

That’s the reason, ISOHUNT is represented in the list of the best options on the website.

  1. ExtraTorrent

It is an online index of media, entertainment, and software digital media Product. ExtraTorrent is one of the top 5 torrenting sites listed in the Global BitTorrent Index.

It has a huge collection of the latest movies with the best quality, games, TV shows and much more.

Legal or Illegal?

A common question associated with downloading torrent content is “Is torrenting legal?” In principle, it is.

However, if you are downloading and redistributing copyrighted material, it is an illegal activity.

In fact, the copyright holder may even take legal action against you. It falls under the category of pirated content.

That said if you share content that is on-copyrighted, torrenting is completely legal.

Why you have to try VPN for the Proxy site?

Kickass torrents are banned in many countries and regions, such as Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States.

Well, you can use a VPN service to block Kickass in these countries.

Since the ISP has blocked access to torrent download sites in some regions, such as the United States and Australia.

it is important to use the VPN service to access Kickass proxy sites.

The Bottom Line

Kikas proxy and mirror sites are safe to use and you can use them more than once and no one will block you. There are countries like the UK, USA that ban many torrent sites.

So, these Kickass Proxy UK sites can be helpful when you are using these sites in the UK.

The legacy of Kickass Torrent has maintained its continuity. It’s impossible to tell people about the future but it’s doing great right now.

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