How to Design Wardrobe For Kids’ Room

Kids' Room

In midst of everything whimsical and bright, your kids’ room has to be clean and well-organized. They also need enough storage space to secure their belongings. From toys to clothes and from games to books, there are ample things that your child uses every day. That said, a wardrobe makes an essential piece of furniture for your kid’s bedroom.

Looking for advice on what your kids’ wardrobe should be like? We have got you covered. This round of wardrobe design tips intends to help find the most appropriate wardrobe design that strikes the right balance between functional and adorable. Keeping in view your kid’s present and future needs, here is the dose of inspiration for you.

#Tip 1: Keep It Simple 

When it comes to designing a kid’s wardrobe, try keeping things simple and subtle. Follow the less is more approach. Make sure the wardrobe is plain and functional. It should boast of space and not additional tit-tats.

Additionally, opt for the color scheme that they will continue to love even when they grow up. White, pink, aqua, lemon yellow-beige and are some recommended options.

#Tip 2: Install Low Drawers

The drawers of your wardrobe must be within easy reach of your children. So if you are considering installing drawers to a fitted wardrobe, ensure they lie towards the bottom. Also, you can opt to install open shelves to make it easier for your kids to access their belongings.

Another benefit of lower drawers is that they will reduce the possibility of your kid knocking their head against sharp wardrobe corners. This practical design also offers you a chance to later repurpose the wardrobe according to the changing needs of your kid.

#Tip 3: Opt For Easy To Maintain Finish

Stains and spills are obvious to happen in your kids’ bedroom. Considering this, it is advisable to opt for wardrobe finishes that are easily manageable. The finish that you choose for your kid’s wardrobe should facilitate easy wiping down as well as should be water-resistant.

Some kid-friendly finishes are lacquer and laminate. Lacquer has a glossy finish and is available in several color options. While laminate stands out for its water-resistance capabilities.

#Tip 4: Get Creative With Handles

Choosing neutral tones and simple furnishing for your kid’s wardrobe design doesn’t mean everything has to be the same way. You can infuse pops of colors and fun elements with quirky-shaped drawer knobs. This is a great trick to enhance the wardrobe exterior while preserving its practicality. From a pretty crown handle to the star-shaped knob, there is a variety of playful options. However, when positioning handles make sure they are placed such that they do not cause any sort of injury.


A wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull, plain, and cumbersome. Do ensure to optimize its storage according to your child’s need and at the same time also explore opportunities to play with colors, design, and organization.


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