How to Apply for a Passport Through The Online Platform?

In a recent effort to increase the number of people applying for passports, the Ministry of External Affairs worked on an improved system. They tackled this in two ways, the first being taking the entire process online, which allowed people to apply for a passport at their convenience, and the second was creating a simple and shorter application form. The Ministry of External Affairs issues Indian Passports, through 37 passport offices across the country and 180 Indian embassies and consulates abroad.

The website is one of the best decisions since the number of people applying for passports has significantly increased. Additionally, there are other services that the website assists with such as providing a list of supporting documents and certificates for anyone looking for a passport. It also helps with the renewal process. Finally, coordinating with the passport office for all requirements at the convenience of the applicant.

What are the details needed when applying for a passport?

An individual can apply online for an Indian passport, through multiple passport websites or can handle it through their office. The primary difference between the two is the convenience and a fewer number of trips to the passport office. Using the website does not provide a passport, but coordinates the process with the office to save on a couple of steps.

Applicants will have to create an account on the website to register. They can also use this same account to coordinate with the passport office later, whether for renewal or to make changes from typos or errors.

Passport application forms are made available on the website, and the applicant has to fill them out. At various points throughout the process, they have to upload certification and documentation to prove that the information entered is correct. Furthermore, there is a payment that they have to handle and upload the receipt as well. Once all of the information is received, it would be processed, and the applicant would receive a date when they have to come to the office to provide their biometric and photographs. They also have to carry all their original documents and submit those on the date.

What are the documents required for an Indian Passport?

An applicant would have to provide documentation to match the three sections mentioned below:

  • Passport application form
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of date of birth

Multiple documents can be submitted to prove this information varying based on the applicant. Furthermore, they cannot use the same certificate for two instances. For instance, they cannot submit a drivers licence, as proof of identity and address. They have to use a separate document for the other.

Aadhaar card

Voter ID card issued by the Election Commission of India

PAN card

Driving license

Birth certificate

Passbook of running bank account with a photograph

Landline or postpaid mobile bill

Rent agreement

Electricity bill

Water bill

Income Tax Assessment order

A certificate from the employer at the applicant’s place of work, from a reputed company on their letterhead

Copy of a policy bond issued by the Public Life Insurance Corporation/Companies having the date of birth of the holder of the insurance policy.

Transfer certificate from the school

Copy of the first and last page of parent’s passport (in case of minors)

Copy of the first and last page of the spouse’s passport mentioning the applicant’s name as the spouse of the passport holder.

A declaration by the Head of the Orphanage or Child Care Home confirming the date of birth of the applicant in its official letterhead

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