How Technology Can Make Your Home Energy Efficient

With money-saving advantages and tax incentives, there are many reasons to strive for a more energy-efficient home — not to mention the chance of lessening your impact on the environment. With the help of technology, you can achieve some major improvements with just a little bit of time and effort.

Use a Smart Home System

Using a Smart Home system can help you save on a variety of costs, not to mention the practicality of it. They enable you to centralize everything in your home and access everything with one click of a button. That can be everything from the TV, to the air conditioning to the garage door. If you are looking for an entertainment solution, an Apple TV set from Harvey Norman is the perfect place to start. It can easily link up to the rest of the smart home connection.

Apple TV
Apple TV

If you water your lawn, one of the best ways to improve your energy and water consumption is to use a smart sprinkler system. Aside from being connected to your smartphone, allowing you to control the sprinkler remotely from an app, you can also buy smart sprinklers that sense the weather and moisture levels to know when your lawn actually needs watering.

They set their own schedules and run only as needed, ensuring that your lawn gets just the right amount of water with little waste.

Install Leak Sensors

Leak sensors can be used to help alert you of leaks before they turn into major problems. Place them under sinks and anywhere plumbing is accessible to avoid costly water loss and water damage down the road.

These sensors will send a push notification to your phone if leaks are detected, allowing you to address the problem right away. This ultimately saves you money while helping to prevent wasted water. Plus, you can add as many sensors as necessary to cover every area of your home.

Upgrade Your Home’s Power

Another energy-saving tech upgrade that anyone can do involves smart plugs and smart light bulbs. Without any need for a professional electrician, you can turn virtually every plug and light in your home into a smart, connected system that can be controlled using a special smartphone app or even with voice commands.

These things can even improve home security by allowing you to turn on lights and other systems while you are away, making for a truly connected and smart home. All you must do is plug them in and connect them to your home’s Wi-Fi. Most of these systems allow you to better monitor and control your energy consumption, allowing you to save money and power usage while making your home more functional and convenient for everyone.

Install a Smart Thermostat

With a home’s HVAC system being one of the biggest energy consumers of all, a smart thermostat can do wonders in helping you take control of your power usage and reduce your energy bill each month.

With a smart thermostat, you’ll be able to better set and control your home’s temperature settings and keep things more comfortable year-round while also monitoring your power usage and finding ways to reduce energy usage without sacrificing your home’s cosiness. For more Smart Home products, visit Harvey Norman here.


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