Cloud Structures Businesses Should Know While Hosting QuickBooks

QuickBooks has been known to cater to and satisfy all the accounting needs of businesses ranging from small scale to medium scale for a very long time. It was first introduced as an accounting solution for non-professional users, but over the period of time with the market demands and evolving needs of the businesses, Inuit was able to develop it into a perfect solution for accountants, bookkeepers, SMEs, and CPAs. Intuit, has been regularly adding features and implementing bug fixes through the users’ feedbacks, making QuickBooks the perfect accounting software for businesses.


With time, when cloud computing took an important role in the businesses, the company introduced QuickBooks Desktop Hosting in the market. As the cloud computing trend grew in the last few years, businesses had to concentrate on security and accessibility more as compared to accounting tools and operations, as there have been several ransomware waves that have attacked many businesses.

Besides QuickBooks hosting, businesses can also opt-in for QuickBooks Online, but it lacks in features when compared to the Desktop version. So, if the business needs industry-specific features or integrations that are limited to QuickBooks Desktop, they need to host it on the cloud to fully exploit the advantages.

Below, businesses can have a look at two cloud structures that fit well with QuickBooks Desktop and can help them grow and manage business operations easily.

Hosted QuickBooks 

If a business wants to implement cloud computing power in its business, QuickBooks Hosting would be a great option. They can choose the hosting provider that suits their business needs well and enjoy the power of the cloud by paying a nominal monthly or annual fee.

When using QuickBooks hosting businesses don’t need to install the software on their local devices or systems as it is cloud-based and can be accessed through the internet. Furthermore, the hosting provider ensures that the business gets better security, high uptime (99.95%), an enhanced multi-user experience, and many other advantages as well.

Businesses can also use Cloud Desktop Service to host QuickBooks on a powerful virtual desktop and get added performance to process all the business operations at a faster pace.

The powerful cloud storage 

There are several cloud storage options available in the market which a business can choose from. Some well-known cloud storage providers are Google Drive, iCloud, Next Cloud, Mega, OneDrive, etc. Businesses can easily utilize these cloud storage options and store all their QuickBooks data and files on them.

Cloud Storage is very useful as in the case of data, the business can easily recover all the data from anywhere anytime, as all the data is backed up on the cloud storage.

But cloud storage has some limitations too. Businesses can download the QuickBooks files from cloud storage, anywhere anytime but if they want to use them, they need to install QuickBooks on the system they want to access from. Else, there is no use in downloading the files as they won’t be accessible.


As you see these were the types of cloud structures that businesses should know while Hosting QuickBooks. Apps4Rent provides secured services for products like QuickBooks Hosting with 24/7 professional support and maintenance. Not only QuickBooks Hosting, but they also provide other services for other products like Office 365 Education with good end-user support.


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