10 Amazing Life Hacks for Parents

Amazing Life Hacks for Parents
Amazing Life Hacks for Parents

For almost two years, parents all across the country have been under immense pressure.

It’s fair to say – without a doubt – that all parents deserve a friendly helping hand and a gentle nudge of encouragement. After all, they’ve been through a lot.

So, if you’re a mom or a dad, you’ve come to the right place, as here are 10 amazing life hacks that will make everything so much easier for you as the world moves forward.

Ready? Let’s start!

1.    Have a snow blower ready for when you need it

When it snows (which could happen this winter), you need to be prepared. Remember, snow catches millions of people off guard every year. You could easily wake up one day to find that you’re literally snowed in; the driveway is blocked, your front door is faced with 2 feet of snow, and all the pathways surrounding your house are unnavigable. That’s a nightmare that no parents want to face!

The best way to deal with snow during the winter is through using a snow blower. It’s also useful to have some shovels, gloves, strong grip footwear, and other suitable clothing on hand for when you need them.

2.    Use Sudocrem for cuts and gashes

If you have young children, they likely get small cuts and gashes every month, whether it’s at school or when they’re out playing on the backyard.

Sudocrem is an incredible antiseptic healing cream that’s perfect for soothing those cuts and gashes, so it’s a good idea to invest in a small tub to store in your bathroom cabinet.

3.    Put some smart lights around your home

Modern technology has made life easier for parents in so many ways.

Interestingly, a new trend in the world of parenting is the use of ‘smart lights’ (or ‘smart bulbs’), which are lights you can control through your smartphones.

Smart lights are great for family homes, as you don’t need to stand up and do the tiresome routine of manually changing a light’s brightness or color. Instead, you can grab your iPhone or Android and do it over Bluetooth connection – talk about 21st century living!

Plus, smart lights are super convenient to place in your children’s rooms, as you can control them even when you’re downstairs.

4.    Use a rewards chart

Young children behave better when there’s a rewards chart involved: fact!

5.    Use toothpaste to remove minor scratches

If any of your household items become scratched, such as your iPhone screen, toothpaste might just be able to remove the scratch, or at least reduce the severity of it.

6.    If your children struggle sleeping, relax them with podcasts

Do your children toss and turn and make a fuss before going to sleep? Or do you yourself experience sleep problems? Try relaxing podcasts, and they might help you to doze off sooner!

7.    Dab bumps and bruises with ice cubes

Don’t just use ice cubes for your beverages – delicately dab them on any bumps and bruises your children have to reduce inflammation, too.

8.    Turn your spare room into a games room

Games rooms have become popular features in most family homes.

9.    Add entertainment gadgets to your car interior

It’s a good idea to kit your car out with entertainment gadgets – such as toys and tablets – to keep your children entertained on long journeys.

10.                    Take a coloring book with you to restaurants

When you go to your favorite restaurant, take a coloring book with you to smartly distract your children from making noise or complaining.


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