20 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Girl who is Travel-Enthusiast

Birthday Gift Ideas: Once in a lifetime, we all have that one girl-friend who is wanderlust. For her, travel is the only religion she follows by heart. From one excursion to another, you can see her talking about her trips all day long. And when such a wanderer friend of yours has her birthday around the corner, choosing a gift can be a tough task. So to ease this drill for you, here are some birthday gifts ideas that can help you choose a thoughtful gift for your travel-enthusiast friend.

Birthday Gift Ideas for a Girl 

  1. Traveller Backpack- This would be a perfect pick for a girl who likes to travel light. Backpacks are easy to travel with and have enough space and pockets to keep every essential.
  2. A Polaroid- Afterall who doesn’t like to take some breathtaking pictures? A polaroid is surely going to help your friend to fill her travel journal with loads of spectacular pictures from the expedition.
  3. Travel-friendly Skincare- While travelling brings happiness to the soul, it also becomes the reason for unhealthy looking skin. So help your friend’s skin stay healthy, and give her some travel-friendly (i.e., small in size) toner, moisturizer, cleanser, face wash, hand cream, etc. well packed in a pouch.
  4. Travel Journal- Girls like to keep a note of every new experience they have. And we bet, your girl-friend would not be an exception. So, give her a travel journal and help her in preserving her travel memories in it.
  5. Battery Backup- No matter if one is travelling solo or with a group of people, keeping the phone charged is a must. A battery backup or power bank would be another helpful gift for your friend as a birthday gift.
  6. A Make-up Kit- If your friend is someone who likes doing her make-up, then a compact size of make-up palette would be the right pick. A lot of make-up brands have palettes that have everything in one palette like- blush-on, highlighters, eye-shadows, bronzer, concealer, lip-colours, etc.
  7. Sleeping Mask and Neck Pillow- Where travelling brings peace of mind, no sleep or less sleep can make anyone feel sulky. Give your friend a personalized sleeping eye-mask and neck pillow that might help her to have sound-sleep.
  8. A Selfie Stick or Portable Tripod- Travelling to a new place and learning it’s culture and tradition is something- travel expeditions are all about. And if your friend is a selfie queen or likes to vlog, presenting her a selfie-stick or a mini tripod sounds like an idea!
  9. Infinity Scarf- This gift would not only make a pretty accessory for your friend, but also, it will work as a saviour for her. This infinity scarf has a hidden zipper pocket, in which your friend can keep her valuables like cash, mobile phone, passport, etc.
  10. Folding Bags- Some people travel to explore, whereas other’s travel to shop. If your friend comes under the latter category, then a folding bag can go handy for her. She can put her newly bought things in this bag or maybe her laundry.

Amazing Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. Comfortable Pair of PJs- Travelling is a good idea, but if towards the end of the day you are not in your comfy PJ’s, you might sulk the next day. So get your friend a pair of travel print PJ’s or night-suit set and see her sharing her #OOTN, the next time she wears it.
  2. Headphones or Earphone- Traveling can be more fun when we are tuned into our favourite playlist. So pick a good pair of headphones or earphones that will accompany your friend in her journey. Make sure that the headphones or earphones are noise-proof so that she can enjoy the most.
  3. Motion Sickness Band- This band can work as a saviour for your friend, who loves to travel but put her plans aside because of motion sickness issues. This band would work wonders while she is out boating or have a long car or bus travel.
  4. A Water Bottle- Remind your friend to stay hydrated, even if she is travelling. Present her a personalized water-bottle with a hanging string or handle.
  5. Passport Cover cum Wallet- A travel journey becomes stress-free if the traveller has a passport-cover that also has enough space to store money and other bills. So present your wanderlust friend with such a passport cover cum wallet and see how things become sorted for her.
  6. A World Map Tapestry- Is your friend someone who likes to display a souvenir from every place she has travelled? Well, this world map tapestry as a decor piece in her room, can be something unique than the usual. She can use this tapestry to pin or paste souvenirs that she has collected from her travel.
  7. Sanitizing Kit- You might have heard the stories of your friend’s horrible experience in public washrooms. No matter where ever you travel, it is quite necessary to be hygienic. Gift her a kit that includes a pair of menstrual cups, use and throw urinal cups, toilet seat covers or spray, hand sanitizers, intimate wet wipes etc. and we bet, this gift would be a life-changing experience for her.
  8. Universal Travel Adapter- Losing a phone charger while you are out on a trip happens almost with everyone. Help your friend to stay calm in such a situation and give her a universal adapter, made especially for travel purposes. This adapter has pins for all charging cables and slots, making it one of the best travel-friendly gifts.
  9. A Cork Globe- A cork globe will be a gift that will make perfect room decor for your travel-head friend. The speciality about this globe is, your friend can pin the places she has visited so far and the ones she wants to visit, with colourful board pins.
  10. A Hammock- Hammock would be a very fun gift to present your friend, who is interested in camping in the mountains. She can tie it in between two trees and can enjoy some cool breeze touching her face.

So yeah these are all the 20 gifts that you can choose to give your wanderlust friend on her birthday. We hope that this list will help you in buying a practical and useful gift.


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