7 Tips for Preventing and Minimizing Jet Lag

Air travel has made travelling to different countries around the world a lot easier and convenient. Its more comfortable and time saving. Whether you are travelling for work or for leisure, air travel has been a boon for everyone. While air travel has made travelling to countries quicker, it can still be a task for many.

One of the reasons why travelling abroad can be hectic is due to the jet lag that one can feel. It is one of the common problems that people face after long flights. If you are planning a trip abroad, given below are tips on preventing and minimising jet lag.

  1. Pack in advance

When you are planning a trip to a foreign destination, you will need to pack accordingly. Depending on the destination, you might be required to pack clothes that will suit the environment. This could be a task and could take up a lot of time. Its always better to start packing in advance rather than having to rush last moment before your flight. Make up a proper flight itinerary days before your flight to get a proper idea of what you need. One thing you can also include in your itinerary is travel insurance, which financially protects your luggage.

  • Get ample sleep

Often times, people do not sleep on time or early before a long flight. This can make things worse for you in many ways. Firstly, it could make you restless if your flight is of a longer duration. Secondly, less sleep can have an adverse effect on your health as well, which could be made worse by jet lag. If you have an early morning flight, always try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep before the flight.

  • Try adjusting your sleep cycle

One of the reasons that causes jet lag is the sudden change in the time zone of the destination. As your body is not completely acclimated to the time zone of that region, it could throw your sleep cycle off-balance and cause insomnia. It is suggested to adjust your sleep cycle based on the region where you are flying to. If you are flying east, try sleeping one hour before your usual bedtime few days before the flight. If you are flying west, sleep one hour late after your usual bedtime. Doing this gradually will help in getting your body adjusted to the local time zone of your new destination.

  • Regulate the light exposure

The circadian cycle or rhythm is the natural cycle of your body which regulates the wake-sleep cycle every 24 hours. One of the things which affects this rhythm is your exposure to natural sunlight. Based on how much you are exposing your body to sunlight, your body’s circadian rhythm will get regulated. You can regulate this cycle by regulating the exposure to light based on where you are going. If you are flying eastward, expose yourself to more light in the morning, whereas evening light can help your get adjusted to the western time zones.

  • Do not avoid sleep in flight

Travelling to a distant country might mean crossing through different time zones. This means it could be day in one time zone and night at another. While this could cause confusion for you, one of the tips that you will find on the travel insurance app is to sleep when it is dark outside. Sleep during the flight only during the night. If it is daytime, try not to sleep as this could cause you to jet lag more.

  • Keep drinking water

In the plane, you do not get a natural supply of air. Instead, the air you breath comes filtered from the plane. This means that it is drier than natural air. Such air can cause dehydration, especially if the duration of the flight is long. You can counter this effect by drinking water. Keep yourself hydrated continuously, but drink water in smaller portions rather than larger portions. Also, avoid drinking coffee or alcohol on longer flights as they might cause more dehydration.

  • Do not go to bed immediately

A common mistake that travellers commit is sleeping immediately after reaching their destination. If you reach your destination during the day, try to stay awake till night. Sleeping during the day can cause insomnia, as you will feel sleepless and restless at night. If you reach your destination during the evening, try staying awake for a few hours till your usual bedtime. Doing this can help you get adjusted to the time zone sooner.


These are some of the tips that you can follow to avoid or minimize the jet lag if you have a long flight planned ahead. Be sure to buy travel insurance online before you go on your trip.


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