Wondering How to Get Teeth Straightening Done? Here’s How!

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Who doesn’t want to flaunt their dazzling and perfectly straight smile? However, we often take a step back from flaunting it due to our misaligned and crooked teeth. Such problems often make us anxious whenever we are interacting socially. We often admire the perfect smile of our favourite celebrities and dream of having that smile too! We wonder how to get teeth straightening done without going through the pain and discomfort of those traditional metal braces. These often scare us and make us think twice before straightening our teeth. What if we tell you that you can straighten teeth without braces? Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, it’s not. Wondering how? The answer is removable clear aligners. Want to know how they straighten your teeth?  Read on!

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What do we mean by clear aligners?

Clear aligners are  a set of transparent plastic trays, that help straighten your teeth effectively and easily. It has become the most prominent way of getting a celeb-like smile. They are custom- made and are prepared via a 3D scan of the individual’s jaw. Unlike traditional metal braces, which are completely attached to your teeth, clear aligners are completely removable and super comfortable.

How do clear aligners straighten your teeth?

Clear aligners work by putting gentle pressure on your teeth, moving your teeth to the desired position. This results in teeth alignment, which further straightens your teeth. You must wear your clear aligners for at least 20-22 hours per day to enhance teeth straightening.

When you plan for teeth straightening, let us tell you that clear aligners have various advantages over traditional metal braces. Want to know what they are? Below are a few of the benefits of choosing clear aligners for teeth straightening.

Why choose clear aligners for teeth straightening?

  • They are almost invisible to the naked eye

Conventional metal braces being visible to the naked eye make us feel conscious and we end up being under confident about our looks and personality.. On the other hand, with clear aligners, you can be free of any worry as they are hardly visible to the naked eye. Clear aligners are one of the best ways for teeth straightening for all looking for a subtle and low-key treatment.

  • Fewer visits to the orthodontist

No one likes visiting the orthodontist again and again, right? With clear aligners, you do not have to visit the orthodontist frequently. This is why clear aligners are one of the most convenient ways to straighten teeth.

  • Comfortable to wear

Conventional metal braces often bruise our cheeks and gums. As a result, they are quite painful and uncomfortable. This often scares us, and we contemplate going for teeth straightening. With clear aligners, you can seamlessly go for teeth straightening. They are a set of smooth plastic trays which are super comfortable and do not cause any pain or bruises.

  • Clear aligners work faster

Clear aligners straighten your teeth in a much faster and  much more comprehensive way  as compared to traditional metal braces. While traditional metal braces work on individual teeth, clear aligners work conclusively and comprehensively, resulting in faster results.

  • No more restricting yourself from your favourite food

We all love eating our favourite food, right? Traditional metal braces restrict us from eating food items such as popcorns, nuts, etc., as they may cause harm to the wires and brackets. On the other hand, clear aligners do not pose any restrictions. So, you can enjoy your favourite food while going for teeth straightening with clear aligners.

Clear aligners are the best and safest option for teeth straightening. Now that you have chosen to go for clear aligners let us tell you that one should go for a reputed and leading brand, like toothsi. They offer the best clear aligners for teeth straightening and smile makeovers. So, book your online video consultation today and get started with teeth straightening!



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