Using Graph Paper to Teach Kids: A Guide

Did you know that around 65% of people in the United States are visual learners?

Many students struggle unless they have a strong visual in front of them, this can be words or pictures.

If you want to increase visual learning, one of the best things to do is use graph paper.

Continue reading to discover some of the best ways to utilize graph paper inside and outside of the classroom!

Work on Handwriting

If you are looking for a fun way to use graph paper, let your child work on it while practicing writing.

A graph paper notebook can be used for your child at any age. The gridded paper will allow them to focus on writing straight and spacing. When a child can compare their spacing, they can improve their writing and be better prepared for a standard notebook.

Try downloading a graph paper pdf to let your child or students practice!

Organize Math Problems

Teach Kids
Teach Kids

One of the biggest struggles that students have when working on math problems is organizing their work.

When students don’t properly line up their problems, it can lead to simple mistakes that produce the wrong results. Print graph paper and let your child organize math problems into different columns so that the problem doesn’t get messed up.

The best part about using graph paper for math is that you can draw lines and bring attention to totals.

Create Charts

Getting online graph paper is easy and can go a long way when creating charts.

Whether the child is working on times table charts or building them to show survey answers, graph paper can help. The grids will allow kids the chance to create clean lines and organized work that is easy to understand.

After charts have been created, you can make the activity more engaging by letting them color-code each subject.

Draw Shapes

Teaching a child how to draw certain shapes can be challenging if they don’t have any structure.

A gridded piece of graphing paper will help students make perfect shapes and sizes. Geometry requires precision, so it will be helpful for students to see the right way of drawing shapes.

If you want the child to draw a square, teach them that each side should be as long as the other. They can figure this out by counting how many boxes are on each side of the square. Even perfect circles can be drawn in a light-framed box!

Use Graph Paper for Better Education

There are many ways that you can incorporate graph paper into teaching children.

By utilizing this guide, you can take advantage of printable graph paper and help your child learn. Graph paper is excellent for a variety of subjects and doesn’t limit imagination. This is a great way to get students engaged and on the right track.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and find more ways to utilize this paper.

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