Top Movie Streaming Apps That Are Amazingly Satisfying The User’s Need For Entertainment.

Top Movie Streaming Apps: Content is more accessible than ever, but which apps should you be using? Are you own a television or a streaming device like the Mi Box?, Nvidia Shield and many others with Android TV built-in, you would want to have the essential apps installed to get the best experience.

Coming up on this blog we will show you the top apps from the Google Play Store in various categories you should install on your Android TV. For this list we are looking at the best film, TV and video streaming apps available to the user, so here we go to explain about the Top Movie Streaming Apps.

Top Movie Streaming Apps [2020]


So, Here I am going to explain about the List of Top Movie Streaming Apps


“I think you are picky with your coffee, why not get picky with your TV?”So, Sling is a best options for anyone out there who love and likes traditional TV, but is tired of the high prices of cable or satellite. And of course the costly fees associated with equipment and setup.

The Sling App can be downloaded and run from most devices, conveniently giving the user access to a selection of live channels. This not just at home but wherever you go.

Given that it delivers live television, this app is a bit more expensive than your average streaming service with packages ranging from approx. $20-$40. But with channels like AMC, FX and HG TV on the menu this app has got serious appeal. But sadly this application is only available in the States.


People tend to overlook this streaming app but its worth adding to your repertoire. Sure, it may not have the largest selection of content, super high resolution streams or the most talked about original movie series, but it’s free.

With no strings attached, no trial periods and borrowing from traditional television, Crackle is ad-supported shifting the financial burden on advertisers rather than the end-user. Though it may not be your go to place for your favorite new English movie, this app none the less boasts a respectable ever changing collection. Make an account and check it out whenever you are looking for something new to watch, you literally have nothing to lose.

FUNImation Entertainment:

The leading streaming sites out there offer up serious verity, but what if you are not interested in verity? What if you are somebody who knows what they like and want as much of a specific type of content as possible?

Well, if you are an Anime fan FUNImation is an essential service.

The app works in partnership with Crunchyroll, which means they have more content than ever, albeit with English dubs rather than subtitles.


Sorry America, but this is one of a very few streaming services that is not available to you. CraveTV is owned and operated by Canadian telecommunications and mass media heavy weight Bell. This app was introduced to capitalize on shift to streaming and on-demand services.

In addition to Bell’s traditional TV services, CraveTV can be added to existing TV packages or taken as a standalone TV service. If offers a large collection of content that includes classic TV shows, original content, past seasons of Showtime and HBO series.


As part of the aforementioned deal with FUNImation, Crunchyroll is not only giving their one time competitor access to their content to have them dubbed.

The end result is that more fans will be able to consume more anime content the way they want to. For some this might mean picking either Crunchyroll or FUNImaiton, but for those looking to get as much new anime as can a dual subscription is probably the real answer.

HBO Now:

HBO GO is a steaming service with all HBO television subscriptions for which there is a Canadian equivalent in TMN GO. In terms of an internet streaming service however HBO Now is the only option but its exclusive to the USA.

This app gives cord cutters access to all HBO content new and old. Including live premieres of your favorite shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld.


Streaming websites have forever changed the television and film industries but they didn’t fundamentally alter then nature of the content, just the means of distribution and style of consumption. Well we all know that YouTube is a streaming site but one that stands apart as the only one to legitimately revolutionize the very idea of video entertainment.

YouTube videos are their own form of content user-generated media that can fit into a wide verity of categories. Many the likes of which we have never seen before, it’s a free endless source of entertainment and of you can’t stand the ads there is always YouTube Red.

Amazon Prime Video:

First they conquered the world of books then the universe of online shopping, in their quest to be your online one stop shop, Amazon can’t afford to not get involved in a growing industry. Online media streaming is something else they have done.

Access to Amazon’s massive catalogue of TV shows and movies comes included with an Amazon Prime membership. With their hit original content like “Manchester By the Sea” and “Mozart in the Jungle”, Amazon Prime makes a solid argument for signing up.


For cord cutters in America who want the same verity of endless content that a satellite. Or cable package would give, Hulu is the clear choice. Although some are turned off by the fact that the shows in Hulu’s catalogue aren’t always complete series but that missing the point.

First off, Hulu has many complete series as well as a jaw dropping movie library. Secondly and most importantly, Hulu has managed to get American first-run rights with countless networks. Meaning that if you are willing to wait a day or two after the live air date, you can keep up with most current shows thorough this amazing app.


Listen, we like a hot take as much as the next media company but there is only one king. I mean people don’t “Amazon Prime and Chill”, when you suggest a series to someone their first question is almost always “Is it on Netflix?”

This app has a user-friendly interface, a selection of content that can’t be beat. And enough of a lead in the industry to stop many from bothering to even consider the alternatives. Then, there is the original content, which has arguably set the bar in the industry. When it comes to streaming services Netflix is king.

So, finely i have explained about the Top Movie Streaming Apps, still if you are facing any issue then you can tell me on comments box.

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