Top Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Coronavirus has upended the world. Most people prefer to stay at home now. Therefore, people have taken to the digital world. They are spending more time on screens than ever. Marketers have been coming up with ideas to keep them engaged throughout. There have been a lot of marketing trends talked about this year. Here are the top seven digital marketing trends of 2020:

  • Video marketing

People are choosing videos as their go-to mode of communication with the outside world. Today, video ads are more impactful than other forms of advertising. Video marketing generates more engagement than any other form of digital marketing. A website with a video is 50x more likely to show up in a google search than the alternative.

One particular form of video you can use is a short video. People are looking for bite-sized videos to get information and entertainment. Smart videos are more effective. People prefer to watch 90-second videos rather than a 10 minute one. Use the power of short videos in your video marketing campaign to boost engagement. Make the first 10 seconds of a video amusing and different to keep the viewers engaged. Make each video in your marketing campaign carefully and craft them into the perfect marketing tool. Introduce your brand with a video. You can make intro videos on online websites like Adobe Spark. Try this intro maker online to make fantastic intro videos. Smart videos are more effective. That is mostly used by the best marketing companies. For example , a great marketing company with harold matzner stock photo.

  • Content marketing

Marketing with the sole aim of chasing traffic tends to have the opposite effect. Good content ensures people reach you organically. Organic growth is always better than artificial growth. A good thumb rule is to focus on content and making your website fast.

So what does good content mean? Well, In your videos, you can explain to the viewers how your product will solve their problem. You can explain how to use your products through entertaining videos. Social media search and explore algorithms are changing in a way that will result in increasing the reach of content marketers. Furthermore, you will be able to make genuine connections with your customers and followers through content marketing.

  • Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has seen sudden popularity. It has hundreds and thousands of fans. Influencers have hundreds of thousands of loyal fans. You can collaborate with them to promote your brands. Choose an influencer with a user base that will be likely to be interested in your brand. For example, if you’re a fitness brand, contact a fitness influencer.

An organic or inorganic shout out by someone with millions of followers will help your brand tremendously. Not everyone can hire influencers. You can also reach out to influencers who are involved in your line of work to try your products for free. That way, you can get an organic shout out without spending a lot of money.

  • Demographic divide on social media platforms

Most companies look to target young people for their products. Be it fitness brands, clothing brands, technology giants. It’s no secret that Facebook is getting more popular among the older generation.

Meanwhile, the young people exiting Facebook are on Instagram now. The social media platform has more than 1 billion users now and more than 500 million active users. Instagram has a young user base. You can use the skewed demographic divide to your advantage. A brand that has an older target base should advertise on Facebook. A brand that wants to promote its brand with Generation Z should use Instagram.

  • Chatbots

A sophisticated chatbot can save millions of dollars for a company. Generally, 80% of people have the same handful of problems. A chatbot will recognize that a common fix can solve a user’s problem, and there is no need for a real customer representative for the task. This will make the whole process efficient.

Chatbots are also quicker in helping people. Whether it is placing an order or registering a grievance, chatbots are efficient and fast. Most companies have set up a chatbot for users on social media websites. You can place an order with Domino’s through Facebook Messenger, check the weather, or register a grievance with your laptop manufacturer. Chatbots are everywhere now.

  • Interactions with smart speakers

People have taken to smart speakers like kids take to ice cream. It is estimated that 55% of Americans will have a smart speaker in their home by 2022. Americans are using them to search online, control the lighting in their apartments, play a song, place a coffee order, and much more.

Brands integrating their business with smart speakers will see an uptick in sales. Using smart speakers feels futuristic. Integrate your brand’s business in such a way that they can use smart speakers to access your business. For example, if they want to order a baseball cap, they should be able to do it with the smart speaker. People are eager to use smart speakers, and brands should use that to their advantage.

  • Smart advertising

This is the age of automation. Machine learning and AI are new pillars of technology. Feed machines with swathes of data, teach them to think, sit back, and let them do your job for you. In advertising, machine learning is used for ad placement, to find out which users to target; to find out when to target users; for performance targeting; media buying, and a whole lot of more.

Automation is affordable, efficient, and crazy fast. It is so quickly changing digital marketing that it is being estimated that more than 80% of digital ads will be via programmatic advertising. Higher conversion rates and lower costs are the key selling points for programmatic advertising. Top brands have already started applying smart advertising; it is time your brand begins too.

You should use an ad maker to keep up with marketing this year. Other ideas include employing programmatic advertising, integrating services with smart speakers, and other trends mentioned in the article. The point is that Digital marketing is a dog eat dog world. If you’re not on your toes, you will get behind. Employ new technologies and follow trends so that your brand grows and continues to grow in the future. Know more about video ads.


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