Top 3 Technologies to Become a Paperless Broker-Dealer

Brokerages now have been embracing new technologies like electronic signatures to make your broker-dealer business stand ahead in the modern world. The benefits go beyond reducing turnaround time. With it, clients can sign documents anytime and anywhere on any device.

Best Tools for Broker-Dealer


The latest technology use is vital in broker-dealer space. Here are the must-have tools for brokerage firms:

1. Digital Signatures

Did you know compliant and secure electronic processing of documents can boost ROI of brokerage business? As per the Forrester study, automated electronic processes see increased sales, reduced acquisition costs, and cost savings. The best way to get signatures on vital electronic documents is to make use of digital signatures.

Environmental benefits are not the only reason why brokerage firms are moving to electronic documentation. Digital signatures also offer significant advantages to the customers too. Today, many brokerage firms are using the digital signature platform to e-sign sensitive financial documents. This technology has advanced a lot in the past few years. They now offer a high level of security and integrity in comparison to the handwritten signatures.

Remember, broker-dealers that fail to adhere to compliance failures can lead to legal remediation, huge fines, and damaged relationships with clients. As you know, broker-dealers heavily rely on paper processes. The best electronic signature software can eliminate the headaches that come along with fax and mail.

Digital signatures are an essential component of paperless operations, it’s also a great way to sign or add signature in word documents. Because it speeds up the transactions and enables brokerage firms to offer better service to their clients. Furthermore, not every electronic online signature solution is the same. Digital signatures are the secure type of online signing that offers tons of advantages over e-signatures.

A digital signature links a “fingerprint” of the document at signing time with a digital certificate. This signature technology also uniquely identifies the signer. Digitally signed documents are also legally compliant. It can provide broker-dealers additional information like signature time, when it was opened, etc. It means if anyone has tampered, the document will show all the changes in its detailed audit log.

a) eSign Genie

eSign Genie is the leading Electronic Signature Software. It can be of great use in broker-dealer space. It helps broker-dealers eSign Documents, Templates, Embedded Signing, API, etc. with great ease. Besides this, there are no costs, delays, or security risks that come with paper-based workflow.

When a new client is ready to sign, broker-dealers can process the forms fast. It means they can review, sign, and deliver the contracts in a few seconds. This improves speeds of doing business, save time, and boost client satisfaction. All they need is an internet-connected device to access the security, compliance, and other benefits of a true digital signature.

This easy-to-use software is available in 12 languages. It also allows seamless integration with Google Drive, Salesforce, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and DropBox. There is also a plethora of esign templates that users can pick.

2. Task Organization Apps

Modern tablets and smartphones are great resources for broker-dealers that are looking to go paperless. The productivity apps lower not only waste but also provide tons of other advantages too.

These task management apps are mainly built to help users organize and manage their workload. Task management tools can include to-do lists, calendars, business cards, document storage clouds, etc.

a) A Business Card App

This smart application holds the business cards and adds them to the address book of the phone.

b) A Calendar App

A calendar application helps the user to record the crucial meetings. It also alerts him or her about the appointments coming up.

3. Scanning

Did you know storing paper records cost 50 to 75 times more in comparison to electronic records? Today, there are tons of document scanning apps available that can help brokerage firms. It allows users to turn the paperwork into PDFs for digital storage.

The bonus part of these document scanning apps is that they don’t only create a PDF copy, but also allow users to edit the file before saving it.

Furthermore, few applications also provide more than scanning services for a small fee. This might include document editing and management and cloud storage.

Best document scanning apps include:

a) Adobe Scan

Adobe scan is the best and easy-to-use scanning app from Adobe. It uses the camera to catch a document copy to turn into a PDF file.

The biggest benefit of using Adobe Scan is its close integration with Adobe’s other apps, such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Fill & Sign. This allows users to not only scan PDF document format, but also edit, sign, and annotate.

b) AbbyyFineScanner

AbbyyFineScanner is another useful application that lets users scan documents in 193 languages using OCR. This multi-platform app also supports twelve file formats such as PDF, DOCX, TXT, etc.

The biggest benefit is that the app preserves the original formatting of the documents. Once scanned, the users can share it with anyone via email or on cloud storage.

c) Scanbot

Scanbot is a document scanning software that lets you scan documents, sketches, whiteboards, receipts, business cards, labels, QR codes, and barcodes. Moreover, users can app this application on their phone, iPad, and Android devices with ease.

There are also tools for cropping and optimizing the scanned documents. Users can even upload them to a wide range of major cloud services.

d) CamScanner

CamScanner is an excellent business scanning solution. This application let users convert their phone camera into a document scanner. It allows you to scan a broad range of documents and turn them into PDF files. Business users can even invite their colleagues to see and comment on scans.


Today, brokerage firms are shifting from manual processes into the digital realm. The best way to move toward a paperless office is the use of eSignatures. It can provide good convenience for clients, effective compliance, better security, and faster transaction speeds.

If you have a brokerage firm, try eSign Genie today and improve the client experience while lowering cost. Are you ready to adopt the best eSignature solution?


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