Study In Australia – A Quick Guide To Apply For A Student Visa Subclass 500

Australia enjoys the best academic standards all over the world. This is the reason for which a large number of students come to Australia to study their dream courses. To do that they need to apply and fulfill Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions and obtain that successfully. If you are also planning to study your dream course in Australia then apply for the student visa 500 first. Hopefully, the following write-up will give you comprehensive guidance about the application procedure of the student visa subclass 500.

What to do before you apply?


There are some preliminary steps that you need to take before applying for the student visa subclass 500. Some of these steps are given below for your consideration.

Do your research

Before starting the actual application process, you need to do in-depth research first. Make sure that you have applied for the right course from a reputed Australian college or university.

Obtain the CoE

Next, you need to obtain the CoE or Confirmation of Enrolment from your college or university. To do this, you must have received a letter of confirmation by your college or university. After this, you have to pay the tuition fees of your chosen course. Once your college/university receives the tuition fees from you, they will send you the Confirmation of Enrolment. This will pave your way to apply for the Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions successfully.

Prepare for your English Language Test

Every Australian college or university requires its overseas students to crack the test in the English language by securing the desired score. So, you should start preparing for your ELT exam from today. Your first step in doing this would be to collect comprehensive information about it. You can also search for the various tips to prepare for an ELT exam effectively.

Submission of your GTE

The Genuine Temporary Entrant or GTE is a document which you need to submit to Australia only for the purpose of studying. You also need to prove that you will leave the country as soon as your course finishes.

Important note about GTE

Remember, that you need to submit this document only in English and not in any other language. In case, you have written it in your local language, the translated version should be provided along with it.

Get started with your application process

So, now that you have adhered to the steps given above, you should start the main application process. There are certain steps that you need to take to apply for your student visa 500 successfully. Some of these steps are can be considered below.

Get your immigration account

Your first step to applying for the Subclass 500 visa is to sign up with the Australian immigration department. Simply visit their official website and create an account, it’s quite simple. By doing so, you will become eligible to apply for the visa subclass 500 successfully.

Submit the essential documents

Followed by your registration with the Australian immigration department, you will now have to submit all the necessary documents. Some of these documents are:

  • A valid passport
  • A document which proves the reception of your Confirmation of Enrolment or CoE
  • Documents that prove your sufficient funds during your entire stay in Australia. This just requires you to show a bank statement to the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Documents that prove your previous employment records. These include authentic paycheques, employment contracts, etc.
  • If you have a criminal record in the past, then, documents related to that.
  • A valid OSHC health insurance
  • Documents which prove that you have successfully qualified in the English language test with the desired score
  • Evidence that proves you are quite well-informed to complete your chosen course successfully etc.

Remember, that each of these documents has to be submitted digitally. Aside from this, these documents should also be translated into English before they are submitted finally.

Fill out your application form

Your next step would involve filling out the application form of your student visa 500 effectively. The first page of your application form requires you to provide your CoE code and nationality. Apart from this, there will be a couple of sections more. These need you to give your personal details such as your date of birth, address and passport details. You also need to provide the details about your family as well as your professional and academic achievements.

What’s next?

There will also be a section in the application form which requires you to select your chosen course by category. You also need to answer some simple questions regarding your professional and academic achievements. Last but not the least, you will have to provide the details regarding your health as well. After you have filled out the application form of your student subclass 500 effectively, pay its fees.

Pay your visa fees

So now that you are done with the visa application procedure, it’s time for you to pay its fees. Currently, the fees of the visa subclass 500 is AUD$575. You can pay this either with a debit or a credit card. After your payment is completed successfully, you will receive a Transaction Reference Number.

Compliance with health and character requirements

Regardless of the type and location of your Australian course, you will essentially have to meet the health and character requirements. First of all, you will have to qualify in a substantial medical examination.  You will also have to meet the character requirements effectively conducted by the Australian government. Make sure you are complying with your health and character requirements after the completion of your application and not before that.

Wait for a final decision

Once the Department of Home Affairs approves the application of your Student Visa 500, you will receive it quickly. If the application procedure takes place smoothly without any obstacles, you will receive your visa within a few weeks. If you are confused about the process I would suggest you contact experienced Migration Agent Adelaide Your will receive your visa to your personal email Id in a PDF format.

Final thoughts!

Hopefully, the comprehensive guide given above will also help you to apply for the visa subclass 500 successfully.


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