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Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, we all are anxious and horny. While women already have a drawer full of dildos and magic wands, men are getting bored by using that same old lubricant and their hand every single day. It is indeed a time to give yourself (your hand) a break by trying one of these awesome sex toys designed exclusively for men. Yes! You heard it right! The sex toys for men industry has been born and is ravishing as more and more men are becoming aware of their pleasure spots. It is time for you to know what works for your junior and what does not. Here are the five best sex toys for men, which can bring heaven here inside your bedroom.

5 Best Sex toys for Men in 2020
5 Best Sex toys for Men in 2020

TENGA is a Japanese sex toy company and a lead contributor to the men’s sex toy industry. They are known for creating a “new adult concept” aka they make sex toys that do not look like sex toys. Tenga products are no less than pieces of sleek modern art. They do not follow the concept of one size fits all. They have a wide range of sex toys. They are famous for their egg series. It is a collection of egg-shaped disposable sleeves with internal details that provide different patterns and sensations. These eggs are one time use disposable items making no ugly mess later to clean.

The egg is more like a kinder joy capsule that opens up. Inside the egg, you can find a sachet of lube and a squishy part. The squishy part is the male masturbator aka stroker, which is responsible for doing the job. Every egg has a different stroker pattern of ribbed, bumped, dotted, etc. depending upon which variant are you using. Excited right? Order your first set of eggs today at Cirilla’s here.


LELO – the famous sex toy brand, designed the LOKI series dedicated to the prostrate massage territory. It has a stylish and sleek design with a clear purpose of massaging the man’s prostate. The whole range is at such pricing, which will not cost a hole in your pocket. The LOKI WAVE prostate massager is a perfect device for reaching your prostate on a solo ride or a fun adventure with your partner. It is waterproof with 10 motion settings, making it compatible to use inside the tub or shower.

The LOKI WAVE has the feel and the power of a luxury sex device and will be worth every penny you spent on it. Explore the LOKI range by LELO on Cirillas, the best online sex toy shop.

  • LELO TOR 2 Cock Ring

Tor 2 Cock ring by brand LELO is a device used both for solo and partnered sex. The purpose of cock rings is to prevent the blood from going backward to maintain an erection for a longer time. The Tor 2 Cock ring is worn on the penis during sex or masturbation. It is battery-powered and vibrates giving the pleasure both to your partner and to you. The vibrations are extremely powerful and enjoyable. The vibrating part usually touches the clitoris of the women as well during sex giving her clitoral stimulation along with penile penetration. While Tor 2 by Lelo might not look fancy, it is exactly what you want in a vibrating cock ring.

  • Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) Masturbator

Tenga- the company which revolutionized the male sex toy industry in 2005 with their Easter eggs as sex toys has recently started making other cool products as well. TENGA Zero Flip Hole Luxury Male Masturbator has the wildest insides of any masturbating sleeve out there. It comes in a luxurious and glossy case that makes it easy to store. The inside of it has four unique textures giving out different pressure and sensations. The device doesn’t vibrate on its own, which is not a bad thing. There are three lubes – mild, real, and wild provided along with it. The lubes are supposed to be rubbed on to the inside of the device before inserting the cock in it. The lubes are perfect, the sensations are perfect, and the device is perfect. Don’t wait! Buy this today!

  • Apollo hydropower stroker

The Apollo Hydropower stroker unlike its previous variant which was plastic now has a silicon layer and texture. The blue and grey colored toy feels quite luxurious in hand. The device comes with a suction cup if someone feels like using it. The Apollo hydro stroker features a textured chamber for added sensations. It also offers 30 functions of vibration and sensations. The stroker is totally self-contained and fully waterproof. It also includes a removable sleeve for easy cleaning.

Cirillas welcomes all hunky dudes to the brand new world of sex toys. Discover and experience the sexual pleasures with our toys and say bye-bye to the same old kleenex. Happy masturbating!


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