Pros and Cons of Going with Custom Full Face Masks for Scuba Diving

Since 1942 scuba diving has captivated millions of people, and the innovations in scuba have been incredible! We have come a long way from the original model of a scuba suit, and now there is a new tool for divers…the full face mask. The idea is a call back to the original scuba suits only much more streamlined and safe!

Custom full face masks have some wonderful pros, and a couple of cons, so before you head back into the water read this article and decide if they are right for you!

What Are Custom Full Face Masks 

Pros and Cons of Going with Custom Full Face Masks for Scuba Diving
Pros and Cons of Going with Custom Full Face Masks for Scuba Diving

When it comes to face masks for scuba diving there is the standard snorkel face mask and custom full face masks. The standard mask covers both your eyes and your nose. You will then use a separate regulator or snorkel with the mask as you dive.

Custom full face masks work by covering your whole face rather than just your eyes and nose. The mask is supplied directly with air rather than the diver having to use a regulator.

What Are the Pros

There are many pros to using a custom full face mask while diving. Firstly, this type of mask allows for greater visibility while diving which makes the experience safer and more fulfilling. Additionally, there is less risk of oxygen toxicity with full face masks.

The design of these types of masks also makes it less likely that the diver will experience fogging. The air quality makes breathing easier and people with beards can wear the full face mask comfortably. Jaw fatigue is a common problem with standard masks, however, with these types of masks, the diver does not hold the regulator in their mouth so they are free to communicate underwater via radio.

What Are the Cons

There are a couple of cons for choosing full face masks. The design itself is quite bulky and requires a lot of straps that can be harder to adjust than the standard mask. The full face mask is not ideal for free diving or snorkeling and because of its design, it can be difficult to equalize.

Other Things to Note 

Diving underwater is incredibly dangerous and takes years of practice to master. Hand signaling is a vital part of communication underwater, however, with the use of custom full face masks, divers can communicate normally via radio underwater. this is both a pro and a con.

The ease of communication with the custom full face mask is beneficial for obvious reasons, however, it could lead to divers forgetting the basics of scuba communication. No matter which mask you choose, it is essential to always remember the basics. is a great place to find the right mask for your needs.

Choosing Custom Full Face Masks

Custom full face masks for scuba diving do have some cons, however, the pros definitely outweigh them! So, before you hit the water again, try one for yourself!

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