My experience with the Expedia Customer Service Department

Hey everyone, I was here to share my view on the Expedia Customer Service. Earlier I was having similar thoughts about the services exactly like many of you, however, when I contacted them I was quite surprised. As the Expedia Customer Service team helped me in my local language, the agent helped to complete my booking process and handover me the e-ticket on my registered ID. Many of you are now thinking about how they(Expedia Customer Service team) are able to offer me tickets. Right?


For reserving my seats the Expedia Customer Service team offered me the reservation number. I got the reservation number directly from them, without visiting the official website. The booking steps are mentioned below:-

Step 1- First of all, I dialed the Expedia Phone Number +1-855-805-5447 (reservation number).

Step 2- Select a preferred language for the interaction process. The Expedia Phone Number is operated in multiple local languages.

Step 3- Now I pressed the 3 keys on my mobile to choose the booking option and waited for the agent to assist me.

Step 4- When the agent assists me, I asked the agent to initiate the booking phase on my behalf. The agent greets me and wishes to provide some information related to the passenger:- name of the passenger, age of the passenger, gender of the passenger, occupation, address, and many other essential passenger information with contact credentials:- phone number and email address.

Step 5- I offered all the details and asked the agent to reconfirm the entire information.

Step 6- The agent reconfirmed my information and asked me to pay the airfare. I paid my airfare through my PayPal wallets, however, you can pay the fees through your Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal wallets, and other E-wallets.

Step 7- I asked the agent to send my ticket on my registered ID.


After booking my tickets with the help of Expedia Phone Number +1-855-805-5447. I requested the agent to complete the booking process but the agent asked me to contact the Expedia Customer Service team for doing so. I was extremely satisfied with the booking process but little worried about the check-in process, as I earlier my friends informed me that the Expedia Customer Service team is not punctual. However, after collecting my guts, I connected to the team and asked him to initiate my check-in process. The agent smiled and asked me to wait for a while and he transferred my call to the check-in team. The agent greeted me and asked me to offer the confirmation code with the passenger last or family name and by paying the service fees with check-in fees I was able to complete the check-in process in a quick time.

I was so happy, and stress-free due to the value work provided by the Expedia Customer Service team. Check-in is mandatory to the passenger at least 24 to 12 hours before departure(when the passenger chooses to complete the check-in process over the call). Any routes can differ with the Expedia Check-in times.

In case the passenger has any concern related to baggage, booking, reserving seats, they can communicate with the Expedia Customer Service team as per their necessity. So keep calm and trust the standard of service provided by the Expedia Customer Service team. I will rate their service cent out of a cent.


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