How to Submit Your App to the Google Play Store

If you plan to introduce a popular app on the Google Play Store in 2021, you will use Google Play Console software to enable you to upload, handle, and sell the app globally. Continue reading to learn more!

Three Important Considerations

Get your app on the store

The store listing for your software is the first opportunity you have to create a good first impression on prospective customers. If you want your app to be quickly found by consumers, you can start with a detailed store page.

Before releasing, troubleshoot

To offer your latest software the highest likelihood of succeeding, use robust review resources and pre-launch reviews from the Google Play Console to help you screen technical errors before your app is published.

Reduce the app rollout risk

The Google Play Console includes advanced monitoring software as well as staged rollouts, allowing you to spot possible bugs before they become a major issue.

How to Ensure the Success of Your App Launch

Learn how the Google Play Console’s special features will help you start your app.

Store Listing

A good Play store listing can assist you in making a favourable first image on new customers. The first move is to make your app more accessible.

You should have relevant words and useful explanations that make it easier for consumers to navigate your app. You can draw more customers by using graphics.

You may use animations or images to give them a better understanding of the unique environment your app or game provides. To ensure the success of your store listing, you can build personalised store listings to appeal to customer categories in different geo-locations.

Overview of Releases

To ensure a satisfactory publication, you must take a holistic approach.

When launching the software, you can use the Google Play Console to review the status by track as well as the progress of all active versions, whether in development or available, locked, or internal testing.

You may also keep track of availability by region. This detail will assist you in determining your target market.

Press reports

When the software is available for mass rollout, you can make it available for free on the Play Store to all users. To reduce danger and ensure that all new customers have a good experience with your product, you should use stage rollouts.

This method can assist you in detecting last-minute problems until they reach further people. You will also watch main update indicators on the Release dashboard to see how the rollouts are progressing.

Summary of Publication

Viewing all of the updates that are currently being checked, sorted by the form of update and release track, is an easy way to handle changes to the app’s architecture and interface since publishing.

You may still use Managed Publishing to control when the notifications go live, rather than having them go live without acceptance on an automatic basis.

This can assist you with making the app’s patches compatible with all of your customers, resulting in a positive experience.

Guidelines for App Launch

To maximise your likelihood of succeeding on the Play Store, make sure the graphic templates, in-app videos, and instructional video in your store listing are optimised.

A pre-registration drive prior to the launch of the app will generate further awareness. After posting, you will also coordinate the app releases with marketing promotions or other launch activities.

Your review period can change depending on the type of app you are releasing. If you are developing a game for children, the Play Store can take longer to review the product.

How to Keep the App Running After It’s Launched

To resolve technical problems, you can use the given testing resources and pre-launch reports from the Google Play Console. User reviews in the early stages of the app’s delivery would be critical to its long-term sustainability.

Determine early on if you want a smaller product rollout with reviews from trusted customers or a public preview to see if the app works on a larger scale. Review your Android vitals dashboard on a regular basis to see how your main indicators are faring.

You must first build a high-quality piece of software before launching the product on the Play Store. Check out’s mobile app creation hub today to start building a feature-rich app!


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