How to Start Your Professional Cleaning Firm

With the coronavirus pandemic showing us just how important it is for our interiors to be clean and germ-free, it’s been a wonderful few months for cleaning professionals. With demand surging for the skills, services, and expertise of professional cleaning companies, this is the ideal time to build your own cleaning firm to ride the wave of demand that’s likely to last well into 2021. Read on to learn what you’re going to need to do to set up your cleaning business quick this winter.

Website and Marketing

Right away, you need to create a presence on the web. Here, you’re going to need a website, a couple of social media pages, and an aggressive digital marketing strategy that shows your cleaning firms to the people that you’re most likely to drum up business from. You should be thinking of office and workspace owners, or the managers of large venues, schools, and colleges. These are the big jobs that pay well and getting these spaces COVID-secure will be one of the best ways to impress your first clients and ensure that society can keep using vital public buildings in the winter.

Buy Equipment

With your marketing campaign up and running, it’s time to invest in the equipment that you’re going to need to perform not just a normal, everyday clean, but a germ-busting, anti-COVID one, too. Look up the best cleaning equipment to help you achieve this, and purchase in bulk where possible. After all, you’re going to be using industrial amounts of these products, and you’ll certainly be getting a large number of jobs in the coming weeks. Consider finding equipment advice online — like these Vacmaster Beast reviews—tohelp you clean vehicles, buildings and public spaces with style and with the right equipment in tow.

Staff and Training

Hiring staff shouldn’t be too difficult in this pandemic-defined era. More people are unemployed now than at any time in recent history, and your firm will be a welcome boost to your local economy, and the local jobless, this winter. Search for individuals you believe will be responsible, quick, and reliable. You should consider paying slightly higher wages for the best workers you can find on the market. You need to be able to trust them to be thorough in their cleans. Lives hang in the balance, after all.

Transport and Logistics

Some cleaning firms bus in their own employees to a site. This is usually in the case of larger cleaning jobs that are likely to take many cleaners a number of hours to complete. Other jobs are smaller — like homes and vehicles of individuals — and you’ll ask your cleaners to get in their own vehicle. Once you have a small team of cleaners working for you, your job will mostly be coordinating between different clients and cleaners, and getting your staff working hard in order to drive increased engagement with your cleaning firm across the winter months.

These four simple tips will help you start your own cleaning business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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