How Expository Essay Samples Help You Become Better Writer

There are loads of expository essay examples available on the web. They serve as excellent resources for college undergrads who want to get a better idea of how to cope with expository papers. Before you start downloading tons of samples, ensure you know how to use them correctly. If you fail to do so, both the quality of your writing and your reputation will be severely damaged.

How the Writer Covers the Topic

The key purpose of an expository essay is to provide a logical and clear explanation of an issue instead of giving your personal viewpoint on a topic or proving it. Read an essay sample to see how an author deals with the task to present an objective and well-balanced description of a topic. Read the text to see how the author uses facts, stats, and ideas to start, discuss, and finish an expository essay.

How the Writer Structures the Essay

If you structure your expository essay properly, your readers will have an opportunity to clearly follow your thoughts. But the reality is that many college students tend to fail to structure their papers. As a result, their target readers lose both logical connection between the issues under discussion and interest to continue the reading. As you read an expository essay sample, pay attention to what order the paragraph are provided in it.

Typically, the structure of an expository essay may look as follows:

  1. The Introduction
  • Hook your readers’ attention.
  • Provide the topic sentence of the essay.
  • Briefly discuss three or more main ideas.
  1. The Body
  • The largest section of the expository essay.
  • Includes three or more paragraphs.
  • Each paragraph includes a topic sentence and four or five supporting sentences.
  • Include transition phrases at the end of each sentence.
  1. Conclusion
  • Conclude the project.
  • Restate three main ideas in a brief manner.
  • End your paper with a CTA or an appeal to the reader’s emotions.
  • Use the structure given above to write your paper. Include more paragraphs into the body section if needed.

How the Writer Approaches the Task

When reviewing an expository essay sample, a lot of students make the mistake of checking the text only. Make sure to check the prompt as well. A nicely written piece will become more helpful if you know what instructions its author was given. That way you will see how s/he handled the challenge.

What Writing Style Works Best for the Expository Essay

Different college essays require different writing styles. Check the essay samples to find out more on how you should write your project. Pay attention to the lexis used by the writer, and how s/he uses the expository style to explain the issues related to the topic.

In conclusion, remember that plagiarism is a crime. When reviewing expository essay samples, this is the most important thing to keep in mind. You should use samples to learn more about the process of writing and see how the other students have accomplished this type of writing at your academic level. They’re not there for you to steal and submit as if you have written it. If you copy-paste an expository essay, it will work poorly for your reputation. The reality is that only personal and authentic stories should be submitted in the class. If your tutor finds that you plagiarized – and s/he is a real pro when it comes to catching copied materials – your essay will be thrown out.


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