Fix Dell Black Screen Issue In A Jiffy – Reasons and Solutions

Are you tired of searching solutions for how to fix the Dell black screen issue on your own? Do not lose hope, this site has all the answers to your questions. Go through the entire article and learn the possible reasons why your Dell laptop turns on but screen is black and how you can deal with such problems. The information on this page will come in handy irrespective of the type of Dell laptop you have.

What Causes Dell Black Screen Issue?


Before jumping on the solutions of the Dell black screen problem, let’s go through the reasons behind this issue. Knowing the reasons will ease the process of troubleshooting the problem you are facing. So, here we are some of the most possible reasons listed below:

  1. The problem in the Display of Dell laptop: If your Dell laptop turns on but screen is black, then it is possible that the problem is with the display of your Dell laptop. It can occur due to the damage in the monitor, faulty video drive, or another card that is synchronized with your Dell system.
  1. Failed Hardware device: If you are experiencing the Dell laptop black screen issue after turning your laptop on this is a sign of a failed hardware, the problem in hardware can make your Dell laptop go black screen for 10 or 15 minutes.
  2. Attacked by Virus or Malware on your Dell Laptop: If your Dell laptop screen goes black but still running along with the processes and applications, then you must realize that trouble has occurred due to the virus or malware attack. If this is the reason why the Dell laptop turns on but screen is black, you must fight with viruses present in the system and fix the issue.
  3. Overheating: One of the most obvious reasons is the overheating of your laptop. If your Dell laptop has not kept under proper ventilation or you have been using it for a long time without any break then the laptop will suffer from overheating. At times, excessive use of CPU also leads to overheating of the laptop, and the screen goes black. Even if you are in an intensive program like games for hours and hours, the system can overheat and it will go black gradually.

Because of the above-mentioned reasons your Dell laptop screen goes black still running. Irrespective of the reasons you can always fix the issue by following the most effective troubleshooting method.

How To Deal With Dell Black Screen Issue?

Instead of cribbing that your Dell Inspiron black screen is not going anywhere, try to find troubleshooting solutions on the internet. If you are looking for the same, then here are the best resolutions that will most likely solve your display problem.

Method 1: Fix Dell Black Screen By Updating Graphic Driver

To improve the performance of your system and fix the regular bugs, you anyway should update the Graphic drivers installed on your device. Follow the below-mentioned instructions and learn the automatic procedure of downloading the recent graphics and updating them. By executing the method you can also device when your Dell laptop screen goes black but still running.

If you are not running out of time and have the patience to download and update the graphic device manually, follow another method.

Step 1: Open Windows operating system

Step 2: Go to any Web Browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Step 3: Navigate towards the URL box and enter ‘’ and press on the ‘Enter’ key

Step 4: Look for the ‘Download’ option and hit on it to install the driver update tool

Step 5: Install the ‘Drivereasy_setup.exe’ on your system by visiting the ‘Downloads’ folder

Step 5: Click on the ‘Agree’ button to accept when ‘Terms and Conditions’ prompt on your screen

Step 6: Your system will show a ‘Scan Now’ option, click on it and ‘Driver Easy’ software will scan your entire system

Step 7: After scanning your system, the recent updates will be shown, then, click on the ‘Update All’ button

Wait until the graphic drivers are updated and restart your device to check if Dell XPS 13 black screen issue is solved.

Method 2: Clean and Reinstall Your Windows and Fix Dell Black Screen Problem

When you try to turn on your laptop and your Dell laptop screen goes black but still running, there must be some major problems. Nevertheless, you can still fix this on your own. Clean and reinstall your Windows by trying the below-mentioned steps and fix your screen that is stuck on a black color during startup.

Note: There is a possibility that your personal data files and information can vanish in the process of cleaning and re-installing Windows. Hence, make sure that You create a back up of every file that is important to you onto any external storage before proceeding to the first step.

Step 1:  Make sure that your laptop is turned off and then prepare any recovery media for example DVD or USB

Step 2: Insert the recovery media DVD or USB to connect with your laptop.

Step 3: Turn your laptop on and Dell logo shows up on your screen, click on the ‘F12’ key several times

Step 4: After a while, you will see the menu of the ‘Preparing a one-time boot’ on your screen.

Step 5: At the ‘Menu’ of ‘Preparing a one-time boot’, go to the ‘UEFI BOOT’ option and choose the device that is similar to your media type

Step 6: After selecting ‘DVD’ or ‘USB’, choose the ‘Keyboard Language’ you prefer to use while fixing the Dell XPS black screen problem

Step 7: Hit the button of ‘Troubleshoot’ by dropping down the ‘Choose an option’.

Step 8: Click on the option that reads, ‘Recover from a drive’

Wait until the recovering process is completed and check if the Dell XPS black screen problem has been solved.

Method 3: Reset Your Hardware and fix Dell XPS black screen

If the Dell laptop screen goes black but still running due to the problem in hardware, then it can be fixed by the process of hard reset. Doing a hard reset means all the power resources will be removed and rebooted from the laptop. Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the Dell The steps are simple:

Step 1: Turn down your laptop by pressing long on the ‘Power’ button

Step 2: Remove all the connected items to your Dell laptop.

Step 3: Now, disconnect the AC adapter and turn the laptop and take out the ‘battery’ from it

Step 4: Press long on the ‘Power’ button for more than a minute and ‘Battery’ will be drained gradually

Step 5: Restart your laptop after plugging in the laptop’s battery and charger as well

After applying the aforementioned steps we are hopeful that one of those fixes will solve your problem, and you can use the device again.

Although we assume that after been through the potential fixes for Dell laptop black screen while starting up are easy and effective. By the end you must have been fixed the issue. In case you could not and do not get frustrated and run towards the Dell service repairs, rather connect with our representatives. Our tech experts will fix any problem regarding Dell XPS black screen without any loss of data files. Like and share if you find the article helpful.


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