Crystal Growth Accelerator in Minecraft

The Crystal Growth Accelerator is a square added by Applied Energistics 2 that utilizes energy to quicken the cycle of precious stone cleaning. This interaction (additionally presented by Applied Energistics 2) changes gem seeds into unadulterated variants of their completely evolved partners. How to power crystal growth accelerator ? This machine can likewise be completely robotized and connected straightforwardly into the ME Network, utilizing only Applied Energistics 2.

Points to remember

  • Minecraft crystal growth accelerator must be controlled from the top or the base.
  • To quicken the development interaction, precious stone seeds should be set in a water block neighboring the quickening agent. They will develop at their typical speed in the event that they are put in a water block at any distance more prominent than 1 square away from any quickening agent.
  • Seeds influenced by a fueled quickening agent will shine all the more quickly.
  • For crystal growth accelerator power must be fueled by AE power, however, ae2 crystal growth accelerator when associated with a ME framework, it won’t go through a channel.


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