Casket vs Coffin: Understanding the Differences and Similarities

Casket vs Coffin

Most people use the words casket and coffin interchangeably. And in some sense, they can mean the same thing- a final resting place for someone who has since passed on. 

However, if you are shopping around for a final resting place for a deceased loved one, especially online, where you can find a variety of offerings, understanding what each refers to can help you make the right decision. 

So, in this guide, we tell you the similarities and differences so that you can make a more informed pick when browsing coffins or caskets for sale

Casket and Coffin: How Are They Similar? 

Coffins were most popular in the 1800s and early 1900s but have been widely replaced by caskets. Nonetheless, they are all very common in funerals across the U.S.

They are similar in that both act as burial containers typically used to hold the body or ashes of a deceased person. You can look up both options from ready-made sellers or get your preferred choice custom-made for you.

Casket Vs Coffin: What are the Differences? 

Caskets and coffins serve the same purpose. However, that is as far as the similarities go. A couple of differences separate the two, and they include:  


The biggest distinction is the design. A casket usually has four sides and is usually the same width from top to bottom. Basically, it has a rectangular shape. It also comes with rails on the sides for easy transportation, and the lid is usually attached to hinges. 

On the other hand, a coffin has six sides, with the top part being wider than the bottom. The coffin’s structure is designed based on the human body and was first invented to save wood. Most coffins do not feature rails, making them hard to move. They also come with a removable lid. 

The Cost  

The difference in price between a coffin and a casket comes down to the material used. Since a coffin assumes the human shape, it uses less material and, so, is cheaper than a casket. However, other aspects, like the type of material used, can affect the price. Also, coffins are not widely available. So, it may cost you a lot more to have it custom constructed and shipped to you.  

Geographical Differences

Apart from the price and design, the use of both terms also depends on where you are. A casket is the most preferred term in the U.S when referring to a burial container. However, many other countries apart from the U.S refer to both coffins and caskets as just coffins.  

Looking for Caskets for Sale? Find the Best Value for Your Money by Buying Online 

Now that you know the difference between a casket and a coffin, you can tell what a seller is referring to when using either term. Caskets are modern and easy to find on sale, while coffins are more traditional and may require custom ordering. That said, your choice mainly boils down to preference. Factor in the information provided in this article to settle on what you think is best.


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