Benefits of Android TV over other Smart TV OS

If you are considering buying a new Smart TV and are just bombarded with a plethora of options, don’t worry! You are at the right place. We understand how confusing it can get to compare and find a TV which is worth every penny you spend on it!

The most basic thing which you need to decide upon, and compare is the OS (Operating System) used by these smart TVs. Yes, every smart TV uses an OS to function. There are many operating systems in the market especially designed for smart TVs.

Some of these OS are:

  • Android TV
  • Google TV
  • WebOS
  • Tizen OS
  • Fire OS

Before buying a smart TV, you need to know more about these OS(s) and your preference. Currently, most of the leading brand are using Google’s first Open-Source designed TV OS – Android TV. Brands like Sony, OnePlus, MI, Redmi, VU, TCL, Kodak, and many others use this OS for their smart TVs. It is an easy to navigate and good OS for TVs. On the other hand, LG uses WebOS, and Samsung uses Tizen as their smart TV operating systems. Brands like Amazon Basics, Onida, and Akai use Fire OS.

Benefits of Android TV over other smart TV OS

Every OS designed for a smart TV takes a lot of thought. An Android TV OS is something most of the viewers are familiar with generally. When it comes to others like Tizen or WebOS, the case is completely different. These operating systems are Linux based systems. Linux is great for personal computers conducting complex tasks. But it is a known fact that android is the most used OS for all devices.

And android TV’s UI includes top to bottom scrollable layout with content displayed in rows. Whereas other Linux based OS like WebOS and Tizen have bottom bar menus for that don’t take up lot of screen space.

Here are a few reasons why we think Android TV surpasses other smart TV operating systems:

The app library

An android backed smart TV can get access to numerous apps on your TV from the Google Play Store or Google Play. The apps listed in Google Play are specifically designed to run on a smart TV. Therefore, the compatibility of these apps and the way they run on the TV will be better than other OS apps.

Moreover, android TV gives users the flexibility to sideload incompatible android apps using an APK file. Other smart TV OS like Tizen or WebOS don’t offer this feature. Additionally, their library is limited when compared to Google Play. This feature is important to stream from various OTT platforms on your smart TV.

If you are wondering the ability to stream Hotstar on your TV and how to connect Hotstar to TV without an android TV OS, don’t worry! Even with its limited library, WebOS and Tizen OS offer Hotstar app along with other leading OTT platforms.

Casting from phone to TV

Android TV provides built-in feature called Chromecast to cast content from your smartphone to TV. WebOS and Tizen also offer a similar feature using their screen mirroring technology.

But you will need to download a separate app to connect your phone with the smart TV to enable screen mirroring. In this case, Android TV’s casting experience is just seamless and comes with good audio output minimal latency.

It can be used to connect set top box to laptop with ease.

Smart content recommendations

This is one of the unique features you will find very useful in an android TV. Your smart TV and its OS help you find content which suits your taste and preferences. These recommendations are given based on your web activity.

Google Assistant’s effective functioning and voice search are a few benefits which you can enjoy with an android TV.

Do read more about these OS. We recommend you to visit a physical store to test the UI of these smart TVs in person for a better understanding.



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