Awesome Tech to Protect Your Home

Awesome Tech to Protect Your Home

Many wonderful things come with living in the modern world, but one area we often take for granted is our home. With all the new technology and devices we have today, it’s essential to know how to best protect your home from unwanted intrusion. This article will go over some of the awesome tech available to do this.

Bluetooth-enabled locks

Everyone has a phone nowadays, and with the progress of technology, we can do so much more while we carry our phones with us. If you leave the house without taking your keys with you, you might find yourself locked out and having to break in. However, with Bluetooth-enabled locks, homeowners can connect their devices to the lock and enter their homes without requiring a physical key. Some higher-end locks like August and Kwikset make use of this technology.

Touchscreen smart locks

Locks work by moving metal pieces to create a barrier between the door and the rest of the world, but sometimes you might need to get through that barrier if you forget your keys at home. With touchscreen smart locks, you will be able to open the door without ever having to touch the lock at all. These work by having a keypad on the front of the lock, which you can type in a code to unlock it.

Doorbell cameras

Many intruders will force themselves into homes without anyone noticing, but with doorbell cameras, homeowners can get the drop on these bad guys before they even make it inside. Doorbell cameras work by sending smartphone alerts when someone rings or knocks on your door. You’ll be able to see who is at the door and communicate with them through the built-in microphone or speaker.

Anti-loitering alarms

Living in a safe neighborhood is important, but sometimes we can’t always keep an eye on our property. That’s where anti loitering alarms come in handy. These alarms are triggered when someone stays in the same spot for too long, letting you know that there might be something wrong.

One of the best on the market is the Mosquito anti loitering device. It’s really reliable and practical as well as incredibly discreet. It can be set to a timer or operated via remote control. The irritating, high-pitched sound is enough to deter any anti-social behavior from young people outside the house.

CCTV cameras

Cameras are an excellent way to keep tabs on your home and the things that go on in it. There are various types of CCTV cameras, such as dome, bullet, mini-dome, and more – make sure you look into them before buying. You’ll also want to be prepared for how much storage you’ll need, as footage can quickly add up if you have a lot of cameras recording.

Movement-sensitive lighting 

One of the best ways to deter burglars is to ensure that your home doesn’t provide any cover for them. With movement-sensitive lighting, you can do just that. These lights turn on when they sense movement, effectively shining a light on anyone who might be trying to sneak around your property.


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