A Trendy And Useful Guide for Candle Boxes Wholesale: [Read it Now]

Candles are used for lighting purposes as well as creating a memorable and personal environment for the people. Candle boxes are used for packaging these fragile and delicate products. Unlike any other custom packaging, these boxes serve the role of protecting the candles from externalities. Sustainable materials are preferred for manufacturing these types of packages, such as bux board or corrugated stock. You may have an impressive product, but if its packaging is not attractive enough, you are not doing justice with your product. The candle packages must be designed in a way that they appeal to the customers to buy the inside contents. Learn tips that will enable you to design one of its kind candle packagings.

Selection of best materials:

Utilize sustainable materials while producing the candle box for your product. This tactic will ensure the durability of your fragile items as well as highlight the ecological nature of your company. The use of Kraft stock is a great choice in this regard since it is eco-friendly and biodegradable. This material is sturdy as well, so your delicate candles will be saved from potentially damaging elements. Furthermore, it is quite lighter in weight, which will offer convenience to the users while handling your candle packages. Another excellent choice is cardstock, which is lightweight and rendered perfect for shipping purposes due to its ultra-protective nature. The cardstock candle packaging will make your candles look appealing, as well as luxurious. Selecting the corrugated material for your box is beneficial when you want to ship the candles in bulk internationally. All these materials are of the best quality, and you can select one of them for manufacturing your candle packaging.

The right type of color model:

Selecting the right color combinations for your candle boxes is an important step in the packaging design. This is because the colors evoke different emotions and attract a larger customer base to buy your items. While incorporating different color themes in your candle packaging, you can choose the CMYK or Pantone model, which both are effective. The CMYK color model is a combination of four different colors, namely cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. By simply mixing these four basic colors, you can get your desired color for candle packaging customization. The color, according to your parent brand theme and candles, can be selected by using this model. The pixel quality will not get affected if you choose this model. On the other hand, in the Pantone model, the color selection is vast, and it proves a little bit costly too. If you are making gift candle packages, this model will be the best option.

Incorporate all the information:

The text you use on your custom candle boxes conveys something to the customers. Though there are a lot of options about what details you can print on these boxes, keep your approach to the branding and product information. This tactic will make your brand, as well as products, look professional in the consumer market. Think of these boxes as your brand ambassadors and incorporate all your promotional information. The unique logo and name of your brand incorporated with some beautiful color themes will let the customers know about you. Other branded elements, such as the slogan or tagline of your brand, can also be printed. Printing the information about your candles, such as their expiry date, warnings, or direction to use, etc., will be beneficial. This is because modernized customers like to make informed purchasing decisions.

Appropriate styles:

The customized style of your custom candle boxes matters a lot in making your candles look appealing to the consumers. So, coming up with an amazing and functional packaging style is compulsory if you want to earn the loyalty of shoppers. The box style, such as the window candle box, could be an excellent choice in this regard. This style will let the customers know about the inside contents without their need to touch the candles. Another great style is the custom sleeve box, which will keep your candles beautiful and attractive. It will add a highlight to your objects. Tuck-end style is also a good style and quite handy. To make it more appealing, you can customize its shape. If you desire to make your candles look luxurious, 2 piece box is a good option.

Great finishing:

Applying different types of finishes and coatings can make your candle packaging look attractive. Appropriate finishing has the potential to boost up the visual aspect of your packaging and to increase the perceived value of your items. Gloss lamination looks shiny, slinky, and makes the candles look attractive. This type of lamination reflects the light effectively, which catches the eyes of the shoppers visiting your retail store. Matte lamination could also be applied for imparting a premium look to the delicate candles. It does not shine as the glossy one, but it has a shine-free smooth surface which compels the customers to grab your items instantly. Some other types of coatings, such as UV coating and aqueous coating, are also good to use for providing a smooth finishing to your candle packaging.

Concluding to the point that designing the candle boxes wholesale attractively is the only way to go if you enhance the reach of your products in the competitive industry. For this purpose, select the right type of materials as well as color models. Alluring finishing and beautiful styles also add to the beauty of these boxes; thus, making your products more visible.


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