9 Unique Save The Date Video Ideas To Impress Your Guests

Big life events like weddings deserve big, out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to telling people about them. The world we live in thrives on technology, so going digital for your wedding invitations is not a complete surprise.

There are several amazing upsides to using a save-the-date video as opposed to using paper invitations for your wedding. Not only are they eco-friendly, but you can also send them to your friends and families across the world without having to ship them!

If you’re looking to make your special day truly unique, these 9 save-the-date video ideas will help you stand out from the rest. You can use a free online slideshow maker with music and effects to create these!

  1. Tell Your Love Story

Sharing your story of love with your friends and family is always such an emotional affair. And what better time to portray it than in your save-the-date video!

Add a personal touch with photos and videos from the early days of your relationship to where you are now. It would also serve as a beautiful reminder to you as a couple about the love and respect you have for each other.

  1. Highlight Your Culture

Your wedding is also an amalgamation of your cultures, besides being a celebration of your love. Even if you both belong to the same cultural background, there are bound to be traditions that are specific to your family or community.

Whether you have a diverse group of invitees or not, it would be very interesting to have a save-the-date video that highlights your cultures and gives the guests an idea about the events to come.

It could also be a fun way to introduce your family and your hometown to your friends and other guests as well!

  1. Milk That Stop Motion Video Trend

Are you and your significant other all about creativity? Then your wedding invite shouldn’t be basic in any way. For the creatives in you, a stop motion video would be a cheerful spin to your save-the-date video!

A stop motion video is a combination of photos clicked one after the other and then assembled on an online invitation maker using own design.

The key is to click photos that can be combined in a series so that it looks like a continuous movement and voila! You’ve got your personalized wedding invite with a stop motion video.

  1. Make Two Announcements With One

When your wedding and engagement have a small window in-between, you might not have a lot of time to send out two announcements. Making a video that tells them about your upcoming wedding with photos of your engagement is a smart way to do this!

You can include details about the wedding in the video, such as the date, venue, and RSVP information. Though this serves two purposes, it is still very personal and special!

  1. Talk About Your Common Interests

Are you both gamers? Or do you like to make music? Your wedding invite could be a tribute to the things that you love doing together!

Your save-the-date video could feature photos of you doing the things you love together, or it could have testimonies from your peers who also enjoy the same stuff.

You can get creative with this invite as well. Work in scenes from your favorite movie or TV show, add references to your favorite sporting event, or even rewrite the lyrics of your favorite song to make it more personal. With this wedding invitation idea, the sky’s the limit!

  1. Make Your Own Movie

A save-the-date video is your chance as a couple to star in your very own movie. Write a script, hire a videographer, and go all the way to create a wedding movie that your friends and family would remember for a while.

To make sure that the production quality of your video is top-notch, hire a team that has a great portfolio and can bring your vision to life with their work.

Choose good locations, good equipment, plan your wardrobe, and you are set. This video is sure to earn you some praise from your friends and family.

  1. Pick A Theme For Your Invite

The theme you pick could be a reflection of your collective personalities. While the visuals can be anything—your photos, videos, or simple texts, a theme gives your video a direction when it comes to editing.

Whether you two prefer florals or love being minimal, a themed invite can help you truly reflect your style as a couple when you create this save the date video.

For example, you can assemble all your best travel photos together in the video to show your love while also telling people about the wedding date and other details!

  1. Focus On The Season Of Your Wedding

Whether you are having a Summer wedding at the beach or an outdoor Spring wedding, your wedding season can serve as a very interesting inspiration for your visuals.

A spring wedding save-the-date video can have flowers, bright colors, and lots of sunshine. If you are getting married in summer, the video can have a beachy, flirty, casual vibe.

This would also reflect in the choice of music for the video and will surely leave no doubts in your guests’ minds about the location of your wedding!

  1. Make A Text-Based Video

If you are on a budget (both money and time) but still want to create something special for your guests, you can tell your story and the details of your wedding primarily through texts peppered in with a few photos.

This is a low-effort save-the-date video and can be made using any template that is available online. It would just require you to add images in certain specific places and add text in relevant areas.


Whether you want to make a dazzling invitation video for your guests or for yourself, you deserve the absolute best for your wedding. A well-made save-the-date video will not only make you very happy but is also a surefire way to impress your guests!


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