5 Tricks About Product Boxes That Must be Implemented for Powerful Branding


It is important to pursue branding if you want your brand to be known and products as well. Branding can occur through social media, advertisements, etc. You may not have known this but product boxes are also able to be used by a business to market itself. This is when you know how to design these properly keeping the consumer base and product in mind.

Importance of packaging


Packaging is a vital part of a product. Its main aim is to keep it safe whilst the product is being transported, in a store, etc. The boxes can be used as a marketing technique. They can let shoppers notice your product and consider buying it.

The following aims to let you know about 5 tricks about product packaging which should be implemented for powerful branding:

Make packaging sturdy


A brand that wishes to give a positive image of itself to consumers should focus on creating sturdy product boxes wholesale. The packaging must be made with the best quality material that can handle being transported, waiting on a store shelf to be brought.

You need to select packaging material that is strong and also which will suit what you are selling. If a brand needs to put a food item in the box, it is important that the packaging material not have harmful chemicals that can go into the food. This will not be good for consumers’ health.

You should choose materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft to make the boxes from. With these, you will have packaging that can remain in one piece. If customers get the product damaged, they will not be happy with your business. This is why much effort should be put into creating strong boxes.

The size and shape of product boxes should also be kept in mind. You must not get a box that is too large. It will give the wrong impression to consumers about the product. The goods inside can also move around and get damaged. On the other hand, the box should not be too small as well because this can break.

A unique shape may not be able to guarantee the safety of the merchandise. These shapes should be avoided.

Made to attract a consumer base


If you want the packaging design to succeed, make sure that it appeals to those customers who want to buy the product. When you attract these people towards it sales can increase.

This is why you should find out the age, gender, geographical location, shopping habits, etc. of your customer base. You can then create product packaging that these people want.

For example, a business that is selling products for kids should aim to make the box look fun and colorful. You can also include some images of popular cartoon characters on the box.

If a product like perfume for ladies is being packaged, the boxes can be decent and sophisticated looking.

Informative boxes


If you want the branding to be successful with the help of product boxes wholesale, make them informative. Know what details to include on the box and do not add the information that is not needed. You should not make the packaging look confusing and stressful.

According to what your product is, you will research what details need to be included in the box. The font that these should be added in must be one that can be easily read. The size and color should not confuse in any way.

If you are selling a skincare product, for instance, the details you will include on the box can be what skin it is for, its scent, ingredients, how to use and store, warnings, weight, quantity, etc.

Food items can tell the ingredients and nutritional information, manufacturing, and expiry date, warnings, flavor, quantity, weight, etc. You can also include signs like the Halal and Kosher one if applicable. These let Muslims and Jews respectively know if the product is fine for them to consume according to their religion.

Product boxes can also include the special features of your product. These will encourage shoppers to want to get it rather than the competition. For example, if a skincare product like a moisturizer that you are selling has an ingredient that is amazing for a certain skin type, include this on the box.

You can also state any deals and discounts that are present on the product as these make people think that they are getting an advantage from buying it.

Increase brand awareness


For branding, you will need to increase brand awareness. If you let your business have a position in the market it can be seen as a professional one. Product packaging can be used to do this.

A brand logo should be printed on the packaging of all your products. The logo is what can be used by people to recognize which products your business is selling. Make sure that the logo is a memorable one that can be easily noticed.

It is also a good idea to give the contact details of your business on the box. These will allow it to be easy for consumers to get a hold of your brand if they need to. The contact details can be the physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, website.

Make boxes stand out


Product boxes wholesale should be prominent in a store. They must be able to be seen so that they get noticed. You should design them to look attractive.

You can get some ideas by looking at what the competition has done. Here you can see the trends. Follow those trends that are succeeding whilst designing something unique.

Product boxes are able to be used as a powerful branding tool when you do your research and design them keeping the product and customer in mind.



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