5 IT Job Profiles To Be In Demand In 2025

Information technology jobs are still a lucrative job market. Their demand is on the rise, and their value is high. AI has a role to play in these jobs, but it cannot replace people with the skill sets that are required for IT jobs. Some of the job profiles include Data Scientist, Network Engineer, Software Developer, Systems Administrator, and Mobile (mobile app) Developer. Becoming an IT worker is not an easy task, but with the help of hard work, a professional degree, and courses for IT, anyone can enter this field. The demand for IT workers is increasing significantly due to technological advancements and more complex software systems that need to be developed. So, let us look at five IT job profiles with a strong future.

Cybersecurity Engineer

The role of a cybersecurity engineer is to create and maintain cyber systems to defend against cyberattacks and reduce vulnerabilities. This person may identify how best to implement security measures, monitor systems, and record findings. A cybersecurity engineer needs knowledge of concepts like legislation, cryptography, network engineering and information security. They are the experts that know how to prevent, detect and recover from a cyber attack. 

The future of a cybersecurity engineer is a hot topic nowadays, with more and more companies starting to take it more seriously than ever before. In the past, cybersecurity engineers were mostly known for their behind-the-scenes work. However, things are starting to change with the rise in cyberattacks and data breaches. Cybersecurity engineers will soon be in charge of making sure that security is always the top priority for any company or organization. They will also be responsible for developing new ways to protect systems from cyberattacks and breaches.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is a high-level professional in the field of data analytics who works in the field of data analysis to extract insights and information from large datasets. A data scientist is a person with good analytical skills, computer programming skills, strong communication skills and a sound knowledge of statistical techniques. Data scientists are highly sought after in industries for their ability to create insights from large volumes of data. 

Software Engineer

Software engineers are responsible for the design of software from a technical perspective. They oversee the entire process, from start to finish and ensure that it is efficient and effective. They play a key role in determining the future of our technology-based world. A software engineer must possess an excellent understanding of programming languages, as well as related concepts such as data structures, algorithms, computer architecture, and operating systems. That knowledge will be applied in both designing for efficiency and designed for ease of use by programmers or end-users, respectively.

With many new technologies like artificial intelligence, voice recognition and motion control, it is possible to build platforms which will change our lives as never before. So, there is going to be a huge demand for software engineers in the future.

Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst’s main job is to analyze, design and evaluate an organization’s information processing needs. They are in charge of designing and running the computer system that will help the organization meet its goals, whether it be a small business or a multinational conglomerate. Computer systems analysts also have to make sure that every system they install is secure and accessible 24/7. There are many opportunities for a CS analyst as new technologies are developed at an accelerated pace. Since the responsibilities of CS analysts can change based on their organization’s needs, they need to continuously update themselves with new skill sets to stay relevant in their workplace. With the rise in technology, the future of this job profile is bright.

Salesforce Developer

A Salesforce developer is a person who integrates new software technology with existing systems. Salesforce developers can have varying backgrounds and skill sets. Salesforce developers are in demand, and there is going to be a huge requirement for salesforce developers in the future. But there are four key requirements to be a successful Salesforce developer:

  • Developers must have an in-depth understanding of the Salesforce platform and its extensive features
  • They should also be knowledgeable about other business systems, like SAP or Oracle
  • They must be skilled in programming languages, including Java, JavaScript, Python and Visual Basic
  • Lastly, they should be experienced in working with both relational databases and nonrelational databases


Given the rapid pace of technological advancements and the subsequent proliferation of new technologies, the IT industry is creating more and more jobs, and the number will increase significantly in the future. Many people are moving into new careers within the IT sector to keep their skills relevant and current, and the industry is bound to rise more in the future. So, enrol yourself in courses for IT today.


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