4 Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly in 2021

Over 7.8 billion people currently populate planet Earth. Each one of us leaves a carbon footprint that affects our entire environment and all living creatures.

While some people in developing nations leave a very little footprint, many people emit more than their share of CO2 by the way they live.

Keeping our world safe and clean begins at home. Read on to learn four ways you can make your house more eco-friendly.

  1. Power up With Clean Energy

When you flip on a light, turn up the heat, or run the washing machine, where does your power come from? Many people may not even know exactly.

Traditional energy sources, like coal, oil, and natural gas work well enough, but they provide you with dirty energy. To receive power, the energy company must burn these fossil fuels.

This releases carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, methane, and other toxins into the air we breathe. Not only is this not good for the environment, but it creates a health risk and hurts our ozone layer, which we count on to protect us from the sun’s radiation.

Eventually, these resources will run out. This makes these energy sources unsustainable.

Renewable energy resources make much better options for keeping our Earth clean and our power running. Solar energy technology harnesses power directly from the sun’s rays, and when the sun runs out, so does time for life on Earth.

When your solar equipment absorbs more energy than you need, the technology moves it to the power grid and energy companies will even give you money back, making solar power an economical choice as well.

  1. Insulate Your Home

Insulating your home keeps heat in and drafts out. This means that your house stays warmer while utilizing less energy.

This makes it good for sustainability and your bank account. Wool insulation provides non-toxic, eco-friendly protection for your home. Apply a house vapor barrier to exterior walls and window seals, and use door snakes during the colder months for extra insulation.

  1. Use Green Tech Gadgets

Technology makes living sustainably easier than ever! Upgrade your home with gadgets that will make your home both greener and savvier.

A smart thermostat changes your heat settings for day and night to help you use less energy. WiFi-enabled smart plugs will cut the power to energy-guzzling appliances that are not in use. A water flow restrictor helps you use only what you need for showering, laundry, and other essential tasks.

  1. Compost

Start a compost pile in your backyard. This means recycling organic waste in an energy-free way.

Rather than sending it to the dump or recycling center, where they need lots of energy to break it down, fungi and bacteria break down the organic matter. This saves water, prevents runoff, and enriches the soil!

Choose Eco-Friendly Living

Opt for an eco-friendly way of living at home. It will feel good knowing that you save money to treat the Earth better.

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