3 Kratom Strains for Arthritis and Joint Pain

According to the CDC, over 54 million people suffer from arthritis. That number has most likely grown in the last five years, considering that the elderly population is growing exponentially. From those 54 million Americans, about half of them report feeling persistent pain that lasts more than three months and is almost felt daily. That is a lot of stress and discomfort to be feeling on a constant basis.

Of course, doctors help with this through the use of surgeries, countless medications, and therapy. We’re going to go over the best kratom for pain, so that you can have extra help on those days that you just want some relaxation and relief. We will also go over the recommended dosage amounts and where you can get your hands on these amazing and natural kratom strains.

What Are the Symptoms of Arthritis?


There’s a high chance you may have already been diagnosed by a doctor for having arthritis. However, there are some who may be unsure or want to understand a little more about this extremely common joint inflammation.

These are some of the most common symptoms of any arthritis:

  • Pain in different joints, such as hands, wrists, fingers, etc.
  • Stiffness of joints
  • Bumps on fingers
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Swelling and redness around joints
  • Physical deformation of hands and fingers

There can be other symptoms as well, but those tend to be the most commonly experienced and reported. The most severe forms of arthritis can cause anemia, fevers, and even extreme fatigue. A person can have anywhere from mild to severe pain and discomfort.

What Causes Joint Pain?

The causes of joint pain can really depend on the type of arthritis you may have. For those who suffer from osteoporosis, it is often caused by wear and tear of the body and affected joints. Having a lower amount of cartilage tissue can also be a root cause, as cartilage is intended to help move and protect your joints. There’s also an increased risk if you have a family history or arthritis and joint pain, as it can be passed down.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another common one. However, this is an autoimmune disease that attacks the soft tissue in your joints. The known cause is still somewhat unclear, but there’s discoveries that it too can be hereditary.

Fibromyalgia is also a form of arthritis that affects millions of people. It can also be closely linked to genetics, so it runs in your family. It can also develop from other illnesses or infections. Traumatic life events can also be the cause, such as car accidents, and even emotional ones can trigger fibromyalgia. The overall stiffness of the body and pain can be hard to deal with and flare ups can occur due to daily stressors as well.

3 Best Kratom Strains for Pain Relief

Kratom has been grown and used for hundreds of years by Southeast Asian natives. If you don’t know what kratom is, they are leaves that grow on evergreen tropical trees known as Mitragyna speciosa. The reason these trees grow in different parts of Southeast Asia is because of the climate and tropical environment. These plants need moist soil, humidity, sunlight, and rainfall. This makes it ideal for growth. Once the leaves have become matured, they are picked by kratom farmers who then go through a lengthy drying process. This process can vary depending on the colored leaves.

Kratom leaves pack amazing alkaloids that give it all its analgesic properties. There are different colored strains, with some providing different benefits and effects. The typical colors include green, white, and red. Since red strains are best for pain relief and relaxation, we will be focusing on red veined kratom strains as well as provide some amazing options for you to choose from.

  1. Red Borneo

Red Borneo kratom is harvested on one of the biggest Indonesian islands- Borneo island. If you’ve never tried kratom before and want to test the waters a litte but, this strain is a great option for you. Although it is potent, it is less potent than some of the other strains we will mention. Don’t underestimate Red Borneo, though. This strain is excellent for pain relief and is even known to reduce slight anxiety. 

  1. Red Bali

Red Bali, as the name suggests, hails from the island of Bali. This strain is one of the most popular and known as the “king” of red strains. It is highly concentrated with alkaloids that bind to brain receptors which then target the areas of pain. You will feel very relaxed and at ease with moderate to strong amounts There is a sedative effect which allows the pain from your arthritis to subside. If you’re looking to go all-in and try one that’s very potent, definitely give Red Bali Kratom a try.

  1. Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da is another very popular red strain. The thai name “Maeng Da” translates to “pimp-grade”, so you know this strain is of high quality and super potent. This one is interesting, as it’s a combination of various potent strains. It has amazing pain-relief properties alongside the other red strains mentioned.

It’s best to take moderate and strong doses of red kratom strain about 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime, as these will make you sleepy and relaxed if taken throughout the day. However, you can still take it during the day with a mild to moderate amount. This will depend on you and your schedule.

Dosage Recommendations

Since the effects of kratom vary from person to person, the dosage amounts will also vary. There are things to take into consideration when consuming kratom and the effects you’ll get, such as weight, sex, and natural tolerance. It will also depend on how often you use it, as those who consume kratom a lot tend to experience a reduction of effects. If you’re completely new to the world of kratom, it’s always recommended to start with the lowest dosage amount of about 1.5-2 grams. This is so to help better determine if it you need to take more for the next use. Once you’ve taken that initial dose, you can slowly start to increase.

Here’s a recommendation for different levels of strengths:

  • Mild Effects: 2-4 grams
  • Moderate Effects: 5-7grams
  • Strong Effects: 8-10 grams
  • Very Strong Effects: 10-15 grams

Those experiencing higher levels of pain are suggested to take more than 6 grams, but this is only recommended if you’ve tried out different doses and are used to the effects. Always consult your doctor if you have questions relating to your medical history and if it’s safe for you.

Ways to Take Kratom

You can take kratom in various different ways. The most common and traditional way is to make it into a tea. You simply simmer water and add kratom. This takes about 20-30 minutes. Since kratom has a bitter taste, you add sweetener or honey to make it more enjoyable.

If you want to avoid measuring the powder each time, there are kratom capsules available. These are pre-measured and have no flavor. Tinctures are another option and those require you to drop the liquid sublingually or directly on your tongue. This option is also highly potent as it has a lot of the alkaloid’s extractions.

Where to Buy Kratom

You may be wondering where to buy kratom from. You can get your hands on good quality kratom products online. Some vendors do have better products than others, so you’ll want to keep a look out for the ones who are available to answer questions you may have and for the ones that get their kratom from the best kratom farmers.


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