CenturyLink Email Settings for Outlook, Android, and iPhone

CenturyLink is the telecommunications company that offers a large number of products and services to the clients across the globe. It includes cloud service, networking, and security solutions as well.

Email is also included as part of the Internet service with CenturyLink. If your personalized email address is not set up during the installation, you can set it up now. For that, you can first create your account on CenturyLink.Net. Thereafter, you can setup CenturyLink emails on Android and iPhone devices through the Mail app. You can also setup CenturyLink email account in Outlook mail app.

Before you proceed, you should know how to create an email address on CenturyLink. Without further ado, let us know how to do that.

How to Setup CenturyLink Email Address?


To setup CenturyLink email, you can go through the following steps.

  • Firstly, go to the homepage of CenturyLink.
  • Now, you can hover mouse over the “My CenturyLink” tab located on the top.
  • At this point, you can click on the Create Account option which is located under “Settings”.
  • Here, you can follow the instructions.

However, it is not necessary to use only the CenturyLink platform to access your emails. You can use other platforms including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

As mentioned earlier, you can setup CenturyLink email accounts on your smartphones as well. Hence, In this article, you are going to learn how to make CenturyLink email settings for Outlook, Android, and iPhone. For that, let us go through the steps for each provider.

CenturyLink Email Settings for Outlook

To make CenturyLink email settings for Outlook, follow the step by step guide. You can also use the settings overview with POP3 and IMAP server email settings for CenturyLink.

  • First of all, launch Outlook applications and go to the File tab from the top.
  • Now you can click on Account Settings in the category information.
  • Here, you can click on the Email tab and hit the New button.
  • After that, you can go to Internet Email Addresses followed by Next.
  • Here, you can enter a few details such as your complete name and CenturyLink email address.
  • At this point, you can select the POP3 option (available under the Account Type) and provide the required details:
    • Incoming e-mail: pop.centurylink.net
    • Incoming port: 993
    • Outgoing email: pop.centurylink.net
    • Outgoing port: 143
  • Thereafter, you can provide the other required details under the Login Information.
    • Email (enter the CenturyLink email address).
    • Password (linked with CenturyLink account).
    • Login with security: SSL
  • Now you can start testing the configuration. For that, you can click on Test Account Settings.
  • Once you are successfully done testing the account, click on Finish.

The aforementioned steps are enough to make CenturyLink email settings for Outlook. After that you can access CenturyLink email even on Outlook with no hassle.

CenturyLink Email Settings for Android

To setup CenturyLink email address on an Android device, you can follow these simple steps.

  • To get started, you can launch the Email or Gmail app on your Android device.
  • If you have already opened an email account in the app, you can switch it by going to Menu and tap on Settings to go to Add Account.
  • Here, you can go to Other into the Setup email section.
  • At this point, you can enter your CyberLink email address and click on Manual Setup option
  • .
  • Then, you can select an IMAP account
  • Now you can enter the required details
    • Username (your email address)
    • Password
    • IMAP server (mail.centurylink.net)
    • Security Type : SSL (Ensure that SSL encryption is enabled for the incoming mail server)
    • Port: 993
    • Then, you can hit the Next button.
  • After that, you can enter the details for outgoing server settings.
    • SMTP server: smtp.centurylink.net
    • Port: 587
    • Security type: SSL (Ensure that SSL encryption is enabled for the outgoing mail server)
    • Hit the Next button to complete the CenturyLink email settings.
  • Now you can select email check frequency (every 15 minutes).
  • Enter a name for your account and tap on Done.

This is how you can easily make CenturyLink email settings on your Android device. In case these steps do not work, you can then go to the POP/SMTP settings page and follow the settings for your email domain.

CenturyLink Email Settings for iPhone

To setup CenturyLink email on iPhone devices, you can use IMAP or POP settings. So, let’s go through the following guide that you need to perform for CenturyLink email settings on iPhone devices.

  • The first step you will have to follow is to go to the phone’s Settings app.
  • In the Settings app, you can go to the Mail app.
  • Next to this, you can select the Accounts option.
  • In the Accounts section, you can tap on Add Account in order to add a CenturyLink account.
  • Thereafter, your iPhone lists a few email services like Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc. You can scroll down to tap on Other.
  • Now, you need to tap on Add Mail Account and enter the required details.
    • Name
    • Email (CenturyLink email address)
    • Password (linked with CenturyLink account)
    • Description: here you can type CenturyLink
  • Then, you can highlight IMAPand enter the details for Incoming mail server hostname:
    • Hostname: mail.centurylink.net
    • Username: Enter your email address as your username
    • Password: Your CenturyLink account password
  • After setting up the Incoming mail server, you can then enter Outgoing Mail Server.
    • Hostname: smtp.centurylink.net
    • Username: Enter email address as your username
    • Password: Your CenturyLink account password
    • Now you can click on Save Button
  • After that, you can go to the Settings and then hit the CenturyLink account to find the Advanced option.
  • Here, you can provide the following details under incoming settings.
    • Use SSL: Yes
    • Authentication: Password
    • Server Port: 993
  • For outgoing settings, you can enter the following details.
    • Use SSL: Yes
    • Authentication: Password
    • Server Port: 587

You are now done setting up the CenturyLink account on your iPhone device.

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As long as we have smartphones, we can make services convenient for us. Now, you do not need to sit on the computer every time in order to access emails. Your phone apps can ease your tasks. All it just requires to setup CenturyLink email accounts and a good internet connectivity. Once you setup CenturyLink emails using POP and IMAP protocols, you can easily access emails through the Mail app on Android and iPhone devices.

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