Day: May 5, 2022


Realtor Postcards 101: How to Make the Best Just Listed Real Estate Postcards

Are you a realtor looking to market your listings more effectively? If so, postcards are a great tool to use. The best just listed real estate postcards can help grab your audience's attention in a very unique way and quickly convey essential information about the property. However, for your just-listed postcards to achieve that, they need to have a visually appealing design with enough information about your business. Seeing as your forte is real estate, it’s more than understandable that design might not be one of your strengths. That’s why we’ve created this tell-all guide to help you create eye-catching and informative postcards that will help you get the results that you want. Here are some Wise Pelican tips for creating effective just listed real estate postcards: 1. Use...